The 7 Best Dessert Cafes In Durban

From the traditional ice cream parlour straight through to the true dessert-only eateries, there’s no shortage of places to indulge in a sneaky sweet treat in Durban. 

While Cape Town might have famous beach bars and Johannesburg is a great hot spot for quality vegan food, you’ll find some of the dessert cafes in Durban.

Has all of this sweet, sugary talk got you craving something doused in chocolate and drizzled in sugar? Head to one of the best dessert cafes in Durban to ease your cravings.

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1. Plan B Dessertery

It’s hard to visit South Africa and not hear locals abuzz talking about the sweet treats at Plan B Desserty, the best dessert cafe in Durban (although you’ll find four other locations around the country). Aside from trendy bubble waffle creations, you’ll also find giant churros, mouthwatering dessert tacos, and creamy monster shakes. This place is a dessert lover’s dream.

Best Dessert Cafes in Durban

2. Wicked Donuts

From the classics straight through to creative, indulgent flavours, Wicked Donuts is by far the best place to go in Durban if you’re looking for a sugary doughnut. The sweet sensations here are sometimes too good to be true. Take their Cookie Monster, for example, which is topped with chocolate ganache and Oreos. Their crème brûlée topped with white chocolate ganache and burnt sugar. Gourmet? Yes. Delectably delicious? Also yes.

Best Desserts in Durban

3. Milky Lane and Co.

If you’ve never heard of a NiceCream cake, then you’re in for one hell of a treat. At Milky Lane and Co. in Durban, they serve delicious desserts, waffles and treats, all made with their signature NiceCream. There’s truly nothing here that’s not delectable and scrumptious. Whether you order a milkshake, sweet waffle, or even a NiceCream cake for a special occasion, you’re going to enjoy every bite.

Best Dessert Spots in Durban

4. Waffle on Cafe

After drinks and dinner, make your way over to Waffle on Cafe to enjoy a quiet atmosphere in which you can sip hot coffee and indulge in a sweet waffle and cold ice cream. Waffles here come in both sweet and savoury flavours, but we suggest sticking with the sweet options. They pair perfectly well with any one of their creamy ice cream flavours on rotation.

5. Sugarlicious

Macaron ice cream sandwiches? Yes, this creatively delicious dessert actually exists, and you’ll have to head to Durban in order to get a taste of just how heavenly it is. The desserts here are just as colourful as they are tasty, and you can expect to enjoy a variety of tastes. Try a Nutella, bubble gum, or even a smoked mocha. They’re all equally delicious, so we suggest sampling more than a few. 

Best Dessert Durban South Africa

6. Scoop Ice Cream

Sometimes all you’re looking for is a quality scoop of creamy ice cream. If that’s the case, then head to Scoop Ice Cream, one of the best dessert cafes in Durban. There, you’ll be able to treat yourself to a wonderful array of sensational flavours, including such creative concoctions as butter-salted popcorn and salted-macadamia praline. Every flavoury is skillfully crafted and designed to tantalise each and every one of your tastebuds.

7. Cacao Chocolate Bar

Despite what the name might suggest, at Cacao Chocolate Bar you can indulge in more than just well-crafted chocolate treats. Stop by for breakfast and indulge in one of their waffles, which they drizzle in Belgian chocolate or even chocolate banana hot fudge sauce. Or, head here for an afternoon dessert and sample a delicious double-chocolate brownie. There’s no way you’re leaving here hungry.

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