Floating Apple Store to Open in Singapore

Photos: New Futuristic Floating Apple Store to Open in Singapore

When it comes to jaw-dropping design, Apple stores consistently knock it out of the park with their retail stores around the world. But the latest store to open is among the most beautiful yet. Apple Marina Bay Sands will open its doors to the public tomorrow, September 10th. It’s the first Apple Store to sit directly on the water, appearing as a sphere floating on Marina Bay in Singapore.

Yep, a floating store. It’s beautiful.

Floating Apple Store to Open in Singapore

Entirely surrounded by water, Apple Marina Bay Sands offers uninterrupted 360-degree panoramic views of the city and its spectacular skyline. The sphere is a first-of-its-kind, all-glass dome structure. As Apple’s third retail location in Singapore, the new store creates an unforgettable space for customers. You can see amazing views of the city both day and night.

How stunning is this?

The Forum is centered around a Video Wall. This will serve as the stage for Today at Apple sessions featuring Singapore’s artists, musicians, and creators. Entrepreneurs and developers interested in receiving training and advice can meet with Apple team members in Apple’s first underwater Boardroom, located on the lower level of the store.

Visits to Apple Marina Bay Sands on Thursday will be by appointment only. Customers can choose from available times here. Apple does say that “capacity will be limited.” So, guests may experience wait times before entering the store.

There’s no doubt that this is going to become an iconic store to visit in Singapore.

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