Vietnam’s Famous Halong Bay Helicopter

You Can Now See Vietnam’s Famous Halong Bay By Helicopter

Even if you’ve never been to Halong Bay in Vietnam, there is a very high chance that you’ll have spotted it on Instagram or heard friends wax lyrical about the place from their backpacking days.

As a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, it is best known for its 1000s of sharp peaked islands, which are covered in lush rainforest. Halong Bay is easily one of the most recognisable and beautiful parts of the world.

It’s had a cameo in Kong: Skull Island, Pan and James Bond’s Tomorrow Never Dies. All that natural beauty looks seriously good on camera.

So, the good news for travellers? For the first time ever you’ll be able to see Halong Bay by helicopter, as the very first tour company has just launched heli-flights over the bay.

1000s of Sharp Peaked Islands

Most tourists explore Halong Bay by boat, with cruises of all shapes and sizes taking people around the sites on a daily basis.

Along with Hoi An, the Hanoi famous train street and Banh Mi,  Halong Bay is one of the most spellbinding experiences in Vietnam.

Halong Bay in Vietnam

While the tours on boats are a great way to unwind and see Halong Bay over a couple of days, not everybody is going to have that sort of time. The new helicopter tours will give you a whirlwind view that you won’t get from the deck.

The aerial view also offers a completely different perspective of the bay…

Fly over the floating fishing villages and house boats. You’ll also fly over oyster farms, Thien Cung cave, Titop island and Bai Tu Long Bay.

Halong Bay Helicopter

The Bell 505 helicopter will operate 3 main flights with prices at…

  • 12 Mins for USD 125 per person
  • 25 Mins for USD 255 per person
  • 40 Mins for USD 396 per person

Sure, it’s not the cheapest way to see Halong Bay. But, if you have the cash and want an experience of a lifetime this could be the trip for you.

You can read all about the helicopter tours here.

Halong Bay Helicopter

The video of the Halong Bay helicopter tour gives you an idea of what to expect:

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