Instagrammable Hotel In Cape Town

This Is Hands Down The Most Instagrammable Hotel In Cape Town

Imagine you were able to stay in the most Instagrammable hotel possible in one of the world’s most Instagrammable cities – that’s exactly what The Silo Hotel in Cape Town is.

The recently opened luxury hotel overlooks the V&A Waterfront and is beautifully put together, with a combination of style, comfort and world class design coming together to create a masterpiece.

They’re really taken full advantage of the amazing location at the Silo hotel…

Silo Hotel

The bathrooms come with a 5m floor to ceiling window…
Silo Hotel Bathroom Silo Hotel need-to-know facts:

  • The hotel opened in 2017
  • The building in the Waterfront areas used to be a grain silo
  • The hotel only contains 28 rooms
  • Rooftop Restaurant
  • Rooftop Swimming Pool
  • Five Treatment Rooms, Sauna, Change Rooms
  • Gym

Private Living Room

The hotel is all about outdoor living – offering al fresco dining options, a world class bar and even massage therapies with a view…Outdoor Living Area Massage Therapies With A View The rooms have a quirky yet tasteful design, putting comfort at the forefront of the experience…Quirky Room in Silo Hotel

The hotel has a super exclusive feel with just 28 rooms, and a large proportion of them are beautiful suites. The bars and restaurants all offer stunning 360 degree views over Cape Town.Restaurant With 360 Degree Views

The suites in the hotel offer stunning views across the whole city with Table mountain as the perfect backdrop. The penthouse even has its own private dining room…

Private Dining Room
As well as a study if you need to get some work done…

Study Room in Silo Hotel

Or you can relax in your private living room with views of the mountains around the city…

Private Living Room
After all the hard work lounging around and enjoying the spectacular views you’ll want to treat yourself to one of their gorgeous cocktails.


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With views like this from the bath tub why would you ever want to leave?


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If you’re not gonna get an incredible Instagram shot in this hotel then you’ll never be able to get one…


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