Hotel Of The Day: Treehotel, Sweden

A childhood dream come true, Sweden‘s Tree Hotel is an exciting and unique eco-friendly resort with seven uniquely designed ‘rooms’,  set high up in the trees.

The tree rooms are in a peaceful forest and suspended 4-6m above the ground. As a guest you’ll fall asleep to the smell of forest and whisper of wind passing through the treetops; in the morning you’ll wake up to the sound of birds.

Where exactly is Treehotel?

Treehotel is located in Harads, about 70 km from Luleå airport and 40 km upstream from Boden.

The most striking part of Harads is its magnificent surroundings. From Treehotel’s rooms you get a fantastic view of the Lule River valley, miles of forest and the powerful river.

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What’s so special about this hotel?

Each room is completely different in design and shape – each designed by a leading Swedish architect. You scramble up to your secret treetop den by ramp or stairs, and come down to the main guesthouse for breakfast.

The Mirrorcube room is an exciting hide-out among the trees, camouflaged by mirrored walls reflecting their surroundings

Mirrorcube room in Treehotel sweden

There’s a Blue Cone room that changes colour,  the Cabin which you reach by crossing a rustic wooden bridge and even an unusual UFO room. The Bird’s Nest treeroom looks exactly like it sounds – a big wooden nest.

You can also experience the Northen Lights, go bear spotting in the forest, go dog-sledding, snowshoeing and cook your own woodfired pizza at the hotel.

Blue Cone room in Treehotel sweden Treehotel sweden

How much does it cost to stay?

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