Houston Bucket List

7 Bucket List Foods To Eat In Houston

When it comes to food there are so many options in this great city, so we wanted to share the ultimate Houston bucket list for foodies. The dishes that are so special you simply cannot miss them when you come to town.

These are cheat meals that are going to leave you in a state of bliss, and rethink everything you thought you knew about good food. The best of the best.

So grab a friend, forget about the diet or gym for a day and get stuck into one of the best Houston bucket list dishes…

Houston Foodie Bucket List

1. Burgers at Rodeo Goat

This is an incredible burger joint with a super loyal following who have now branched out to five locations, including Fort Worth and Dallas. Their burgers are so outrageously brilliant that you could barely imagine them in your head before seeing them. Burger heaven is putting it mildly.

2. Ice Cream at Fat Cat Creamery

They make their ice cream in small batches, using local ingredients and are incredibly proud to do so. The end result is an ice cream that is rich, smooth and tastes like it has come from another planet.

For an added bonus look out for their great S’mores, brownies and shakes.

3. Pizza at Vinny’s

They deliver whole pies or you can call in and grab them by the slice. Best enjoyed the second they come out of the oven piping hot and with simple pepperoni topping. When pizza is this good it really doesn’t need much more than that.

Simple perfection.

4. Breakfast at Common Bond Café & Bakery

Two neighbourhood restaurants where the community gathers to dine and bond over good food and extraordinary pastries. They also happen to serve some of the very best coffee to wash those pastries down with.

Houston bucket list

5. Doughnuts at Hugs & Donuts

This gourmet donut store is sweetening the pastry game in Houston with unique donut flavours like Crème Brulee, Lemon Meringue Pie and Devils Food Cake (topped with chocolate glaze and pretzels). There’s more than 20 types of donuts to choose from each day, so keep coming ’til you’ve had ’em all

Houston bucket list

6. Tortilla’s at Hugo’s

Looking for an amazing Mexican brunch in the city? Hugo’s Sunday brunch buffet is legendary for good reason. The food is authentic yet perfectly on trend, with dishes such as crisp corn tortillas topped with refried beans, grilled hanger steak and fried eggs. Be sure to order the flan de chocolate made with freshly ground cocoa beans for dessert!

7. Ribs at The Pit Room

This is a family run business that often features as one of the best BBQ joints in the state that is itself world-famous for this type of cooking.

They offer both beef and pork ribs and that does really pose you a huge problem as both of them are as good as each other. The good news is you can mix and match along with sides to create a world-class BBQ experience.

Houston Bucket List

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