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The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Thessaloniki

When it comes to ‘gram-worthy places, there’s endless Instagrammable Spots across the globe, but which ones are the best Instagram Thessaloniki spots?

From urban skylines and tropical rainforest waterfalls to cotton-candy-hued cafés, we’ve rounded up the most photogenic places in every country in the world. The places where you’ll capture travel photos that you’ll want to share with everyone you know.

Visiting Thessaloniki?

These are the top seven spots you can’t afford to leave off your feed.

1. Ano Poli

The charming mixture of Byzantine and Ottoman-era monuments here, in addition to the fact that Ano Poli is considered a “city on top of a city” makes it an incredible place to visit.  The views here are certainly Insta-worthy and so are all of the colourful buildings.

Instagram Thessaloniki

2. The White Tower

This waterfront tower is often referred to as the city’s most symbolic monument. The white tower contrasts nicely with the blue waves in the background, making it a prime spot for a fairytale-inspired Instagram Thessaloniki photo.

3. Poco Loco

We’re huge fans of Instgrammable foods, and to be honest we didn’t expect to find much of that in Thessaloniki.

However, Poco Loco serves up doughnut-topped milkshakes, drizzles them in sauce, and covers them in candies. Your biggest problem is going to be trying to get the Insta photo before you devour this treat.

4. Waterfront Umbrella Installation

Walk towards the White Tower, continuing past it towards the water for about five minutes. There, you’ll come across that Instagram-famous umbrella installation of Thessaloniki. It doesn’t get much more ‘grammable than this.

Instagram Thessaloniki

5. Church of St. Demetrios

This church was built on the ruins of a former Roman bath, and that type of intriguing history really seeps through the walls of the current church. There’s something about this place that really stands out in photos.

6. Arch of Galerius

Travellers often note that they find this arch to be one of the most distinctive Roman structure of Thessaloniki, and we agree. The detailing is impressive and impeccable, and the archway sets the stage for the perfect “wandering through Greece” Insta shot.

Most Instagrammable Spots in Thessaloniki

7. Skyline Café-Bar

This panoramic bar rotates slowly to serve up 360-degree views of this remarkable Greek city. The place itself is classy, which means that you’ll get great pictures no matter which side you find yourself on.

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