Learn Korean with BTS

Always Wanted To Learn Korean? K-Pop Superstars BTS Show You How

Stuck at home and looking to learn Korean? Global K-Pop superstars BTS are here to help. The famous boy band is connecting people all over the world with their new video series on basic Korean grammar.

Their innovative new content aims to “make it easy and fun for global fans who have difficulty enjoying BTS’ music and contents due to the language barrier.” With people cooped up at home across the world, this is the perfect (and educational!) escapism. Does it seem like you can’t travel far at the moment? Well, this will transport you to the heart of South Korea.

Learn Korean with BTS

Learn Korean with BTS

The first three episodes of the series, “Learn Korean with BTS,” will hit Weverse, the mobile app, this afternoon. There will be a total of 30 episodes. So, you should have a decent grasp on the lingo by the end of it.

Big Hit says in a statement… “With the recent popularity of K-pop and other Korean cultural contents, the demand for learning Korean is increasing greatly.”  “We are planning Korean education contents to improve our accessibility. We hope that through learning Korean, global fans will be able to deeply empathize with the music of artists and enjoy a wide range of contents.”

You can download the Weverse app here to join in on some cultural learning that’s sure to be fun.

The perfect excuse to daydream about that bucket list trip to Seoul? This will get you on the right track…

Big 7 Travel Team