Greek islands bucket list

7 Lesser-Known Greek Islands To Add To Your Bucket List

International travel is still out of the question for most travellers right now, but we can still dream about where to go next! Skip Santorini and Mykonos and add these underrated Greek islands to your bucket list instead. From historic isles to Instagrammable coves, these islands are too beautiful to ignore…

Greek islands are usually grouped into six clusters: the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Sporades, the Saronic islands, the Ionian islands, and those in the North Aegean. We’re including islands from all over, with one thing in common: they’re bucket list-worthy.

Underrated Greek Islands for Your Bucket List

1. Astypalea

Astypalea is blissfully remote. At about eight hours away from Athens by ferry, the journey to the island will help build anticipation. Once you’re there, you’ll notice how secluded it feels and how free of other tourists it is. Stay at a villa that’s been carved into the side of a rocky cliff and enjoy doing nothing but relishing in the stunning views.

Astypalea: “Love it, Just the Way it Is” - Greece Is

2. Sifnos

Stunning beaches. Casual seaside bars. White-washed buildings and sweeping Grecian hills. This is Sifnos — which has been inhabited for thousands of years, and is well-known for its ancient silver and gold mines.

If you’re looking for picturesque Grecian living, opt for a hotel or B&B in the town of Kastro. All the best beaches are on the southern side.

Sifnos Beach

3. Folegandros

Far to the south of the Cyclades, find Folegandros — similar in the more-popular Santorini for its staggering cliffs and enormous caves. In fact, its capital, Chora, is built upon the edge of a 650 foot cliff.

Folegandros is less touristic than other islands in the Cyclades, and many of the beaches must be reached by foot. Come prepared for a hike.

Folegandros Cliff and Cave

4. Naxos

From temple ruins to ancient museums and quaint mountain towns to explore, Naxos is one of the best Greek islands to visit for those interested in a bit of adventure. Romp around on the beach all day or put on some athletic shoes and explore one of the island’s many archaeological sites. It’s all going to appeal to the explorer inside of you.

5. Zakynthos

The Navagio Shipwreck is perhaps one of the most Instagrammed spots in the Greek islands. And, you’ll find the idyllic spot on Zakynthos. The island is much smaller than Santorini, making it a great spot for couples who want all of the charm without any of the crowds.

Beaches here are pristine and the waters are a shade of blue you have to see to truly believe. Go diving, hiking, or simply sit back and enjoy the views.

Best Greek Islands For Couples

6. Kythira

Olive groves and cypress trees personify the unique landscape that makes up Kythira, giving it a sensuous aroma that compliments the already idyllic vibes. Ancient monuments and beautiful, versatile landscapes ensure that vacationing on the Greek island of Kythira will make you feel like Greek gods and goddesses for a few days.

Greek islands bucket list

7. Paros

Not interested in beach parties or touring ancient ruins? True beach bums will love Paros. Head straight for Naoussa on the north coast of the island. Or, check out Golden Beach on the southeast side of the island. It’s the perfect spot for travellers who want to spend the day windsurfing.

Greek islands bucket list

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