The 7 Best Madrid Coffee

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Madrid

Madrid coffee has been coming on in leaps and bounds over the last decade, as a third wave of coffee sweeps over the city. V60 drip roasts, Chemex brews and rich, strong espressos – there’s a cup of joe for all tastes here.

Small independent coffee roasters and shops have been popping up of late and the caffeine scene is thriving. It’s well known that the Spanish produce great food and coffee is no different.

We’ve put together a list of the seven very best Madrid coffee spots so you can amble around the city, stopping off for a re-fuel along the way.

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1. Ruda Café

Ruda Café is a small specialty coffee shop where you can enjoy 100% Arabica coffees from different origins. It is a beautiful spot and a cozy place in the heart of Madrid, next to the Latina metro; order a coffee to go or make this a catch up point with other coffee lovers.

Ruda Café

2. HanSo Café

Super friendly cafe where they make some brilliant speciality coffees and round them off with some simple but tasty breakfast and lunch dishes. The place is always buzzing. Grab one of their iced coffees in the hotter months for the absolute treat.

HanSo Café

3. Misión Café

As soon as you walk into this cafe you know you are in for a serious coffee experience. It is like a shrine to all things coffee, with some of the most beautiful and impressive equipment you have ever seen. A small place with perfect brews and some wonderful sweets on the side – ideal.

Misión Café In Madrid

4. WAYCUP Specialty Coffee

They care massively about coffee and also pair their hot drinks with huge homemade cookies that are full of flavour. Combined with one of your favourite brews, this is the treat you have been waiting for. WAYCUP also do wonderful matcha drinks and ice coffees. An all-round perfect coffee shop.

WAYCUP Specialty Coffee In Madrid

5. Santa Kafeina

Not only are they known for the love they put into their gorgeous coffees, they also have teas, chocolates, cookies, breads and other daily special treats. Santa Kafeina takes every care in the world to extract the best and most intense flavours from each roast.

Santa Kafeina Coffee Shops In Madrid

6. Toma Café

They put a huge amount of effort into sourcing their beans and also want to respect every single producer and farmer along the way. They respect all the bean’s main characteristics of origin, developing the best roasting profile for the type of system you use, filter or espresso.

There’s two stores in the city, as well as a passionate base of online customers who buy to make their own coffee at home.

Toma Café

7. Hola Coffee

Hola Coffee has roasters, trainers and baristas of the highest standard that are responsible for some of the very best Madrid coffee. The staff are always on hand to answer and java-related questions and recommend something new to try. Add in some delicious and fresh brunch style food and this is the coffee shop of your dreams.

Madrid Coffee

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