The 7 Most Instagrammable Cafes In San Diego

San Diego is full of Instagrammable spots where you can snap the perfect photo for your followers to gawk at. In fact, we’d even argue that San Diego is perhaps one of the most Instagrammable cities in America.

But, when looking for quality spots to shoot a series of photos for the ‘gram, we’d suggest hitting up some of the SoCal city’s cafes. You’ll find that they not only serve some of the highest quality coffee in the state, but that they’re also pretty cute and trendy.

So, charge your phone, break out those filters, and check out the seven most Instagrammable cafes in San Diego. They’ve all got decor, dishes and drinks that are made for the ‘gram.

Most Instagrammable Cafes In San DiegoHow do these rankings work?

1. Communal Coffee

They’re all about coffee and flowers, as shown by the huge mural in the store and flowers are displayed throughout the store in North Park. Grab a house roast blend here and wait in line to take a picture in front of the Coffee + Flowers mural. The South Park location is a super cute coffee truck. Easily one of the most Instagrammable cafes in San Diego regardless of what location you check out.

Most Instagrammable Cafes in San Diego

2. Holy Matcha

It’s hard to miss Holy Matcha. If you’re walking down the street, your eyes are drawn to this hot pink building immediately. As soon as you set eyes on the bubblegum pink exterior you will be captivated. And, it doesn’t stop there. Their colour schemes really pop and continue throughout the interior. That’s before you even see their wonderfully original food and beverage offerings.

San Diego Instagrammable Cafes

3. Better Buzz Coffee Roasters

This lofted coffee shop is located in the coveted Hillcrest neighbourhood of San Diego. And, it’s home to some of the most insanely Instagrammable decor in all of Southern California. Hanging light fixtures, unique tiling, and a neon sign all make this spot easily one of the most Instagrammable cafes in San Diego.

4. Parakeet Cafe

Head down to La Jolla and check out Parakeet Cafe for some seriously tropical vibes. A floral print wall beckons you inside and the bright shining lights of a neon “birds of a feather” sign create the perfect backdrop for a lively photoshoot that’ll make all of your followers sad they’re missing out on San Diego with you.

5. The Forum Coffee House

Everything, and we mean everything, at The Forum Coffee House is Instagrammable. You could spend an entire day here snapping pics for the ‘gram and never get tired. Their three-tiered, coloured coffee drinks, a super Instagrammable quote wall, and some of the trendiest decor work to make this one of the most Instagrammable cafes in San Diego.

6. The Grounds Bean Bar

When visiting a beachside city such as San Diego, you’ll want to check out Instagrammable spots that jive with the vibe. And, there’s really no better place for tropical, beachy vibes than at The Grounds Bean Bar. From the floral wallpaper to the gold accent tables, there’s not even a corner here that’s not super Instagrammable.

7. Frost Me Cafe and Bakery

Interested in taking super high-quality photos of your food and coffee? Head to Frost Me, one of San Diego’s trendiest cafes and bakeries. Not only are all of their pastries and cakes a delicious prop for the photos, but you’ll notice that the marble countertops serve as a great background for posing your coffee. It doesn’t get much more Instagrammable than this.

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