The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants In Wichita

Located in South-Central Kansas, the city of Wichita is known most, at least in the culinary world, for being the birthplace of both Pizza Hut and White Castle. However, since the days of delivery pizza and trendy chain burgers, the city’s restaurant scene has boomed.

And, in particular, you’ll find lots of great romantic restaurants in Wichita. Whether you’re looking for a great place to spend date night or simply want to celebrate your someone special, each and every one of the restaurants on this last have something to offer.

Put on your nicest clothes and prepare to dazzle your date with free-flowing fine food and wine. Here are our top picks for the seven most romantic restaurants in Wichita to help you plan your evening.

Most Romantic Restaurants In WichitaHow do these rankings work?

1. Dockum

Looking to really impress your date? Take them to the Ambassador Hotel Wichita and lead them down into the Prohibition-style cellar restaurant that is Dockum. The decor is sexy and elegant and the exclusivity of it all gives it a mysterious vibe. While they don’t serve full plates of food, their craft cocktails are some of the best in the country. And, you can pair them with a delightful shrimp cocktail or a preservation board.

Most Romantic Restaurants In Wichita

2. Georges French Bistro

For a full meal and a complete evening of passion and romance, check out Georges French Bistro. The open kitchen environment is enchanting and the dining room oozes of French opulence. And, the food is just as fresh and delightful. From steak frites and scallops to their irresistible desserts, there’s nothing here that’s not going to impress, making it easy to see why even the locals think it’s one of the most romantic restaurants in Wichita.

Wichita Kansas Date Night Restaurants

3. Frèdös

Few things facilitate an evening of romance more than quality wine and tapas. Frèdös is Wichita’s best wine bar, and they also serve a variety of other premium foods, wine, and crafted cocktails. Cosy up with bae and get served small plates of Mediterranean food as you sip on your wine. 

Most Romantic Restaurants In Wichita

4. Cafe Bel Ami

Cafe Bel Ami is one of the most romantic restaurants in Wichita for a few reasons, with the impressive decor being one of the main ones. While this hotspots serves up some of the tastiest Italian dishes in the city, its intimate and cosy setting is amplified by the opulent Italian-themed decor. This is the perfect spot for a quiet evening for two, regardless of what you’re celebrating.

5. Vora Restaurant European

Take your special someone on a tour of Europe without ever leaving the city of Wichita. This classic, upscale restaurant focuses on European cuisine with French and Italian dishes taking the mainstage. Indulge in Old World wine and craft cocktails before settling into your seats for a delightful evening full of elegance and finely-crafted food. From escargot and gyro nachos to gnocchi and Tuscan veal, you’ll visit all of the best culinary countries of Europe. 

6. Scotch & Sirloin

With a name like Scotch & Sirloin, you pretty much know exactly what you’re walking into before you’re even seated in the uniquely-lit dining room. This place is well-known for being one of America’s top 20 restaurants for wine, which we find to be undeniably romantic. Ask the staff for suggestions and they’ll gladly oblige. Then, gaze lovingly into your partner’s eyes before devouring some of the juiciest and most well-prepared prime rib you’ve ever tasted.

7. 6S Steakhouse

It wouldn’t be a list of the most romantic restaurants in Wichita without mentioning one of the most luxurious and romantic of all, 6S Steakhouse. It’s the most dazzling personification of the classic American steakhouse, which means that it embodies a certain elegant charm and Old World style. Chandeliers light up the upscale dining room as you’re served delicious food and incredible wine. It’ll be a date night you’ll never forget.

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