Pimped Out 7 Minute Instant Noodles Recipe

Have a cupboard full of instant ramen? Everybody right now is going to be looking for inventive packet noodles recipe options, so we have you covered.

Check any supermarket in any country in the world and the chances are you’ll find some packet noodles. With the current coronavirus outbreak, non-perishable food items are even more in demand and are a popular pantry staple. But hey, plain ramen can get pretty boring. So, we decided to create a seriously pimped out packet noodles recipe with juicy prawns and chilli. Best bit is that it takes less than seven minutes to cook and about 10 minutes to prepare, with just seven ingredients! Who said noodles had to be boring?

Try these out. You won’t be disappointed: an absolute taste sensation.

Pimped Out Instant Noodles: Prawn, Chilli & Basila


As always, our recipes are designed to keep things super simple, with just seven ingredients. You can swap some of these out at as needed for something similar. If you can’t get fresh shrimp for example, something like tinned tuna or even grilled chicken breast could work here. Throw in whatever fresh veggies you have.

  • Packet noodles
  • Shrimp (or any other protein)
  • Chili
  • Garlic
  • Chinese cabbage (or any other similar green veg)
  • Lime
  • Basil

Start by simply halving the limes, picking the basil leaves away from the stalks and finely chopping the garlic and chilli.

Pour boiling water over the noodles and allow them to stand.

Heat a large wok or frying pan to a high heat, add a little oil and place the prawns in carefully.

After 30 seconds when they start to turn pink, flip them over.

Add the chilli and garlic.

Squeeze in the lime.

After a further 30 seconds, add he Chinese cabbage and cook for another 30 seconds, while vigorously tossing the wok.

Finish with the fresh basil leaves!

How to Packet Noodles Recipe

Add in your noodles and toss them so that they’re evenly coated.

Packet Noodles Recipe shrimp

Sit back and enjoy your 7-minute pimped out packet noodle recipe.

Packet Noodles Recipe

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