Philadelphia chicken wings

The 7 Best Spots For Chicken Wings In Philadelphia

Philadelphia chicken wings are among the best in the country so we set out to find where to find the best portions in the city.

If there’s one dish that brings pleasure to the masses, it has to be a humble portion of chicken wings. Something so simple, yet with so many varieties that never fails to deliver happiness. The fact that you usually wash them down with some beer is just an added bonus…

All over America wings are served in bars, restaurants, diners and cafes as a staple food that we all know and love. Here are the best Philadelphia chicken wings

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1. Byrne’s Tavern

Byrne’s Tavern is a local favourite when it comes to seeking out the tastiest chicken wings in Philadelphia. They’re famous for both their fresh crab and buffalo wings, as well as proper pints of Guinness.

Their wings are classic in style and come coated in a delicious and rich buffalo sauce and served with classic celery and cheesy dip.

2. Cafe Soho

They serve up chicken wings with various marinades, burgers, bibimbap and other Korean Street food in this popular eatery. Choose from classic sticky wings or go for a fiery spicy glaze or soy garlic. They’re meaty, full of flavour and downright delicious.

3. Cheu Noodle Bar

As the name suggests, Cheu Noodle Bar is all about hearty bowls of ramen, but their black garlic chicken wings are sinfully good. They come with lime, cilantro and sesame seeds and are the perfect snack. There is no way you can’t leave here happy.

4. Wishbone

Serving finger-licking flavours cooked with absolute finesse and a huge range of craft beers, Wishbone is a must-visit in Philly. Their juicy wings are crispy and fried on the inside, with plump meat on the inside with hints of buttermilk and cider. It’s all about that signature pretzel crust!

Philadelphia chicken wings

5. McGillin’s Olde Ale House

The beer taps at McGillin’s have been flowing since 1860 — making it the oldest continuously operating tavern in Philadelphia and one of the oldest taverns in the country. Not only is it a historical spot, they serve incredible wings. Choose from classic buffalo sauce, a sweet Thai glaze or Old Bay seasoning.

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6. David’s Mai Lai Wah

This is a popular spot for late night eats, and Philly locals rave about the salt and pepper chicken wings here. The wings are fried until perfectly crispy and then tossed in their delicious seasoning to perfection. Be warned though: once you taste them you will be hooked for life.

Philadelphia chicken wings

7. Dienner Barbecue Chicken

Dienner’s is a funky BBQ joint where they focus on rotisserie chicken and their famous chicken wings.

They place huge emphasis on sourcing the very best ingredients, which is what makes the end product so finger-licking good.

Philadelphia chicken wings

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