romantic destinations France

7 Of The Most Romantic Destinations In France

Looking for romantic destinations in France? You’re in luck. France is home to a host of tourist attractions from the Alps to the Eiffel Tower. In addition to Paris, the country is famous for its incredible cuisine, medieval castles, stellar art scene and romantic language. All these things combined make it an excellent option for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

If you are looking to plan the perfect trip for Valentine’s Day or otherwise, get started with these seven French cities.

Most Romantic Destinations In France

1. Annecy

Stained glass windows of every colour, jaw-dropping medieval artwork and charming riverwalks make Annecy a great choice for couples. Enjoy a sunny afternoon river cruise or wander the cosy streets of old town in this cute French town. Be sure to book a few nights at Les Jardins du château.

2. Lyon

Internationally acclaimed for its fine wines, culinary masterpieces and of course, history, you can’t miss a chance to visit Lyon. Widely considered the culinary capital of France, you can’t go wrong with any of the cities many romantic restaurants. Be sure to make time for La Basilique Notre Dame and reserve a room at Villa Florentine.

3. Paris

This just wouldn’t be a list of romantic cities without The City of Love. Paris is known as not only one of France’s most romantic cities, but also the world’s. Each year millions of tourists head for Paris to experience the romantic atmosphere of the Eiffel tower, cosy bistro bites and dreamy walks along the Seine. You can’t go wrong with one fo the cities best hotels, Maison Souquet.

romantic destinations France

4. Bordeaux

The city of Bordeaux is synonymous with good wine. What says romance like a bottle of wine and fresh oysters? Delight your tastebuds in some of the best French seafood, and take in all the elegance it has to offer. Have a wonderful stay at Villa Victor Louis.

romantic destinations France

5. Carcassonne

There’s no French fortified city more famous than Carcassonne. This UNESCO listed city is Europe’s largest remaining fortifications and is perfect for couples looking for a quiet getaway. Stroll the tranquil Canal du Midi before taking in the magnificence of Chateau Comtal. Book a few nights at Hotel de la Cité Carcassonne in advance.

romantic destinations France

6. Colmar

This gorgeous story-book town is a no-brainer for lovebirds. Take a slow afternoon walk along the dreamy river and eat your heart out in one of the many Michelin star restaurants. Of course, you must drink as much wine as possible as the town is famous for its delicious selection! Have a great stay at Hôtel Le Colombier.

7. Dijon

This historical French town is famous for more than its mustard. The medieval city of Dijon is home to a rich aristocratic history and bustling gastro-scene. Stroll the massive Palace of the Dukes of Burgandy and don’t forget to book a few nights at Grand Hotel La Cloche.

romantic destinations France

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