Sapporo Dishes

7 Sapporo Dishes You Have To Try

Sapporo dishes are just one of the reasons why Japanese food is loved all over the world. The regional variety in cooking is what makes this country so special. There are an abundance of great ingredients and techniques on show in these dishes, that come from the city of Sapparo in Hokkaido province. Hokkaido is famous for its seafood, miso ramen, soups and dairy products. It’s one of the best-known Japanese cuisines.

You might not be able to travel there right now, but we wanted to highlight some of the best recipes from the region. These recipes come from the very best food bloggers in the world, so make sure to bookmark their sites.

Now is the perfect time to get into the kitchen and to start teaching yourself some new skills. These Sapporo dishes are the ideal starting point to cook up something special that will wow your friends.

The Best Sapporo Dishes

1. Soup Curry

This flavourful soup curry with curry salt dusted vegetables and chicken is a specialty of Sapporo. You will instantly love the taste.

Recipe created by Marc.

2. Sapporo Style Miso Ramen

The soup is kotteri (rich and oily) made with pork bones and flavoured with miso. The noodles come with a variety of toppings such as slices of pork belly, hard boiled eggs, bean sprouts, corn, and bamboo shoots.

Recipe created by Linda.

3. Hokkaido Milk Bread

The softest, fluffiest most pillowy bread ever with an incredibly light crumb. Hokkaido milk bread is a Japanese Bread which uses the Tangzoug method. Try it once and you will want to eat it every single day!

Recipe created by Safira.

4. Pumpkin Dango

This kabocha squash dango is super easy and delicious. You can just mix mashed kabocha squash and potato starch and cook on them on a pan. It’s great snack for children.

Recipe created by Juri.

Sapporo Dishes

5. Salmon Hot Pot

The miso-based broth goes so well with salmon, keeping you warm on a cold day. It’s almost like a big miso soup with lots of ingredients.

Recipe created by Yumiko.

Sapporo Dishes

6. Hokkaido Cheese Tart

A cheese tart that’s become so popular throughout Asia. Originally inspired by Hokkaido’s dairy products and originated in a bakery in Sapporo, Hokkaido. They are really something not to miss out. The tart crust is flaky and the cheesy filling is creamy.

Recipe created by Bea.

7. Kaisendon

A classic rice bowl with raw fish that is garnished with some popular sushi toppings. An ideal snack for lunch if you have the freshest ingredients.

Recipe created by Ryusei And Matthias

Sapporo Dishes

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