The best Seattle chicken wings

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Seattle

Seattle chicken wings are up there with the very best in America, so we’ve done the hungry work to find the best very places to eat them in the city.

From classic buffalo wings to the seriously spicy versions and everything in between, there is something on this list for everybody. One thing we can all agree on? Wings in any form are one of the tastiest snacks you can get.

So work up an appetite, grab some friends and get ready to hit up some of the best spots for Seattle chicken wings…

Best Chicken Wings in SeattleHow do these rankings work?

1. Chi Mac

They pride themselves on sourcing the very best ingredients and that really shows when it comes to the end product. They also happen to be an ethically focused restaurant by contributing to worthy causes and adding value to the community.

Their wings come with various different sauces and are absolutely ideal to be devoured with some of their quality craft beers. An absolute gem of a restaurant.

Seattle wings

2. Bok A Bok

Their chicken is air-dried, hand-dipped and double-fried to order. They also promise that their chicken is never frozen and is antibiotic and hormone-free. The result? Some of the crunchiest chicken wings you could ever wish for with perfectly plump and juicy meat on the inside.

They offer lots of variety on the menu, with some awesome dipping sauces to round the experience off.

3. Wing Dome

Wing Dome is locally famous for their burgers, cocktails and most of all for their huge wing platters. They are the perfect dish to eat with friends and enjoy a few beers while catching up.

It’s all about the sauces here, with a gorgeous buffalo version that matches perfectly with their creamy blue cheese dip. You’ll be in heaven eating the wings here.

The best Seattle chicken wings

4. Drae’s Lake Route Eatery

Drae’s is a lovely neighbourhood restaurant that looks like very little from the outside, but once you step inside and see all the happy faces you know you are in for a treat.

They serve up big portions of comfort food including burgers, dogs and loaded fries. To come here and not try the wings though, would be to seriously miss out.

5. Super Six

Along with a full cocktail bar and beer garden, the menu at Super Six focuses on Asian flavours, complementing American comfort food and Pacific Northwest staples.

The wings come in a super sticky and sweet sauce with a slick kick to it that is coated onto incredibly juicy chicken. The one thing we will say, is you are going to need plenty of napkins for this absolute feast.

6. Nate’s Wings & Waffles

They focus on just two dishes here and to say that they have absolutely nailed them would be the understatement of the century.

The wings are buffalo in style; when combined with their perfect fries make for the perfect meal. You’ll be leaving here with a massive smile on your face.

Seattle chicken wings

7. Nue

There’s a very high probability that you will never have seen chicken wings presented as they are at Nue. They come stacked in a huge tower and coated in delicious flavourings and garnishes.

Once you do figure out how to tackle the wing tower, you’ll taste wonderfully crisp chicken that has been cooked to absolute perfection.

Seattle chickwn wings

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