Creamy Spaghetti Ice Cream

Daily Drool #26: Creamy Spaghetti Ice Cream

We can all probably agree that pasta and ice cream are two of our favourite guilty pleasures, but now the two have been combined into spaghetti ice cream. It sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. It’s real, it’s delicious, and here’s where you can taste it.

You’ll find the dish being served in Miami’N’Nice in Florida, which is famous for its incredible inventive sweet treats. The spaghetti ice cream is just one of many creative dishes.


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You can see here that you even get to see the ice cream being made at the counter. It is then pressed through a special machine to give it that unique ‘spaghetti’ texture.

To top it all off, they finish the ice cream with fresh sliced strawberries and a strawberry coulis.

This really is the stuff that dessert dreams are made of…


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They also serve up ice cream tacos as a special on Tuesdays and they look equally delicious. To say they are inventive when it comes to how they serve their ice cream here would be an understatement. This is full on ice cream art.

Miami ice cream

You probably didn’t know it existed until today, but spaghetti ice cream is a real thing – just like us you won’t be able to die happy until you try it.

The only thing we are annoyed about is that there’s not more places making this delicious treat! Know of anywhere else? Let us know in the comments below.

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