7 Of The Best Bars In Copenhagen

7 Of The Best Bars In Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a great mix of bars, bodegas and breweries to hit up on a night out, so barflies won’t be disappointed. From slick cocktail bars to lively local pubs – and even a Tipi bar – this is one city that really does have it all.

We’ve put together a guide to the best bars in Copenhagen, so you’re guaranteed a good night out…

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1. Brønnum

This wonderful cocktail bar has recently been renovated which only adds to the charm of the old building that houses it. The drinks are absolutely unreal and only matched by the friendly and affable staff.

Brønnum Bars In Copenhagen

2. Balderdash 

Balderdash is a cosy bar in the centre of old Copenhagen with whimsical and classic cocktails. Do keep an eye on their opening hours though, as they only open Wed-Sat 5pm-3am.

Balderdash Bars In Copenhagen

3. Duck and Cover

This award-winning cocktail bar is hidden away in a Vesterbro basement and is a real cocktail gem in the city. The decor is stylish and Mad Men-esque with a 60’s vibe, so you’ll also get cute photos as well as creative cocktails.

Duck and Cover Bars In Copenhagen

4. Toga Vinstue

Toga is a good old-school Danish pub where you’ll find lively political discussions, chit chat and huge mugs of beer. Copenhagen has plenty of these no-fuss bodegas, but Toga Vinstue is by far the best. Hey, if it’s good enough for the locals, right?

Toga Vinstue Bar

5. Verdenshjørnet

Two cosy tipis join together to make this unique bar that’s a buzzing cultural space. It’s full of old furniture, fluffy blankets and glinting chandeliers, and there’s board games and regular events to keep you busy. Ideal to escape the winter frost and just snuggle up.

Verdenshjørnet Bars In Copenhagen

6. Jolene

Jolene is the place to go when you want to sip endless amounts of beer straight from the bottle, dance all night and be as loud as you want. Whether it’s an LGBT night or a rowdy rock band playing, you’ll never leave this bar on a bad note.

Jolene bar

7. Noho 

Located in the heart of the Meat Packing District, Noho bar has a New York vibe with the bar’s neon signs on the walls and a pink flower ceiling. It’s a popular place to hang out for the hip crowd, thanks to its Instagrammable interiors and expert cocktails.

Best bars Copenhagen

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