The 7 Best Bars in Portland, Oregon

The 7 Best Bars in Portland, Oregon

Like the city’s adopted moniker “Keep Portland Weird”, it also holds true to their bars. Now, while not all bars in Portland are weird, a lot of them definitely have an irresistible charm that you just won’t find in many other cities.

Here are the very best bars in Portland.

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1. Rum Club

Rum lovers will want to flock to the Rum Club for their wide-ranging collection of rum cocktails. This bar is unique in that many of the ingredients that go into their cocktails are actually made in-house that give their cocktails a very distinct local feel.

It can get quite busy here and rightfully so, their rum drinks are some of the best in Portland.

Rum Club in Portland

2. Bible Club PDX

If the name of this bar doesn’t make you do a quick double take, upon coming here, you will be pleasantly surprised that there are no bibles here! At this Prohibition-era style bar, the vintage aesthetic that has a 1920’s feel coupled with their drinks will blow you away.

Come to the Bible Club PDX and experience the mini-museum inside this bar while enjoying a great cocktail.

bars in portland

3. Palomar

Palomar is where it will feel like you’ve been transported to Miami or a Havana with its heavy-Spanish influence. Like most Spanish-speaking countries, they also serve pina coladas and daiquiris here but also a wide array of cocktails.

The cocktails here are fun and fresh, fruity and colourful and you’ll be sure to have a good time here.

Palomar Bar in Portland

4. Hale Pele

Hale Pele is Portland’s #1 tiki bar and with its fun and colourful tiki decor, it’s hard not to have a great time here. You’ll also be happy to know that they serve up some of the best Mai Tai’s you’ll find in Portland.

If you love rum and tiki fun, then Hale Pele is the place to go.

Hale Pele in Portland

5. Loyal Legion

Loyal Legion is the longest bar in Portland with its oval-shape bar. It is usually really busy here but that’s only because of the extensive list of drinks they offer here.

From beer flights to spirit-based cocktails, they have something for everyone here at the Loyal Legion.

Loyal Legion in Portland

6. Shift Drinks

Shift Drinks just might be the place to go to for a libation at almost any hour of the day. Their Happy Hour menu stretches for most hours of the day here and the cocktails are simple and to the point.

It’s common to find lots of people from varying industries (construction workers to business people) swing by Shift for a post-work libation.

Shift Drinks Bar

7. Teardrop Lounge

Teardrop Lounge is one of the original players in the craft cocktail scene in Portland and their influence has been large. The bar is in the shape of a teardrop (hence the name) and is modern and hip. The bartenders are friendly and carefully prepare the cocktails here.

Choose your drink of choice from their menu that is split into three categories: Classics, Originals, and Friends.

Teardrop Lounge

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