7 Best Bars In Seattle

7 Of The Best Bars In Seattle

Seattle is a beautifully diverse city and that diversity drips right through into the different bars in the city. It is the city where grunge music originated from, after all, and there are many bars that pay homage to that. Not to be outdone, contemporary bars and your classic cocktail bars also are found in the Emerald City.

Whether you’re a beer boozehound or a cocktail connoisseur, you’ll find the perfect bar here.

Here are the seven best bars you can grab a drink at in Seattle.

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1. Liberty

Liberty has that neighbourhood watering hole feel to it; it looks more like a friend’s living room than a bar. With cosy leather couches that you can lounge on with a drink, this is the perfect spot to catch up with friends.

Do as the locals do, and order a whiskey (neat) at this neighbourhood bar.

Liberty Bar Seattle

2. Zig Zag Cafe

Zig Zag Cafe is located in the heart of Pike Place and serves up some of the best drinks in the area. They do everything right at Zig Zag and the servers and bartenders here are excellent and attentive.

Try one of their original signature cocktails, the Trident or Stiff Handshake.

Zig Zag Cafe

3. Maximilien

Maximilien is not exactly a dive bar, although it is very crowded yet charming at the same time. Also in Pike Place, Maximilien is technically a restaurant, but they serve up some great cocktails with excellent views of the waterfront.

Come here for their Happy Hour (5-7pm) and enjoy their cocktail specials.

Maximilien Bar

4. Rob Roy

For the best bartenders in Seattle, Rob Roy has you covered at this cocktail bar. At this hip and easy-going bar, bartenders will concoct something for you based on your tastes for the evening.

For a drink with a kick, get their house rum and gin blend cocktail, the Gunpowder Punch.

Rob Roy Seattle

5. Canon

Canon Bar is a new-age bar that pushes its bartenders to explore new cocktails at the edge of their boundaries. The result is hyper innovative cocktails that pay homage to old and new.

Political activists will get a kick out of their Gnome Chomsky cocktail! Tasty, and smart.

Canon Bar in Seatle

6. Revolver Bar

Revolver Bar is a bar that spins old-school vinyls. With an extensive collection of records dating back decades, this local gem welcomes locals and tourists nightly.

Bring your old records here to donate them to their large collection while you indulge in a beer here. Great drinks and great tunes = a brilliant night out.

Revolver Bar

7. Radiator Whiskey

For the perfect nightcap, come to Radiator Whiskey in Seattle. Radiator Whiskey has a small and intimate vibe and is one of the best whiskey bars in Seattle. The menu features a lengthy list of whiskey’s as well as cocktails.

Come here for the whiskey of your choice and pair it with one of their bar snacks.

Radiator Whiskey Bar in Seattle

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