The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Miami

Miami is a multi-cultural city that with a heavy Spanish and Latin American influence. These cultures bring with them certain aspects that Miami locals borrow and blend in to everyday life. If you visit, it’s not hard to see the influence these Latin American countries have had on everything, including coffee in Miami.

Here are some of the best places for coffee in Miami and soak up all the good vibes the city has to offer.

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1. Vice City Bean

Vice City Bean is a cosy, boutique coffee shop that makes some of Miami’s best lattes and cappuccinos. The coffees here are Instagram-worthy thanks to the artsy precision the baristas here make them.

Come here for the artistic-looking lattes and pair it with one of their tasty pastries.


2. Alaska Coffee Roasting

Originally started in Alaska in 1993, Alaska Coffee Roasting now calls Miami home, while keeping Alaska in the name. This coffee shop sources coffee beans from Africa and South America and are meticulously hand-roasted in-store.

Get one of their fresh brew coffees and pair it with one of their infamous breakfast pizzas for an interesting start to your day.


3. Panther Coffee

Panther Coffee flashes their Brazilian roots through their coffees. Owned by a husband-wife duo, they source the beans themselves on trips to their respective homelands, Brazil and Peru. The result is an eclectic mix of beans and explosive coffee flavours.

Since it’s hot year-round in Miami, Panther Coffee has perfected the cold brew so definitely check that out here.


4. Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse

Brewing Buddha Cafe is a coffee shop that also showcases the art of the owners and a few locals. Here, they make some very interesting specialty coffees and are known to really push the envelope in terms of the different kinds of java creations they come up with.

For example, take the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte. This interesting latte comes with cinnamon whipped cream with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal sprinkled on top. Interesting right?


5. Versailles Restaurant

Versailles Restaurant is perhaps one of the most famous spots in Cuban-influenced neighbourhood, Little Havana. It is the place where all Cubans come to start their day or have their afternoon java pick me up.

At this home away from home for Cuban-Americans, get the Cuban espresso specialty drink, Cafe con Leche.


6. The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a popular coffee shop with Miami locals and they are known for their excellent cold coffees. This shop has character and charm and is a prime spot for locals to start their day with their favourite cup of coffee.

Their cold-brew here is their signature drink because they steep it for a full day before mixing in some sugar and condensed milk. A perfect drink for another hot Miami day.


7. All Day

All Day is another amazing neighbourhood coffee shop that serves up delicious coffees. They have an eclectic mix of coffee selections here that are on bright display on their neon green menu.

Go for the Cupping here which is a selection of three different coffees.


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