Best Donuts In Houston

The 7 Best Donuts In Houston

These are the donuts in Houston that are quite simply at another level. While many other countries can copy them in various shaped and forms, you simply can’t out-donut America. With so much choice, such wonderful quality and all that deep-fried sugary goodness to choose from, this is the best of the best.

Grab a box to go or eat in-store with a cup of coffee at these top donut stores in Houston. Homer Simpson, eat your heart out…

Best Donuts In HoustonHow do these rankings work?

1. Hugs & Donuts

This gourmet donut store is sweetening the pastry game in Houston with unique donut flavours like Crème Brulee, Lemon Meringue Pie and Devils Food Cake (topped with chocolate glaze and pretzels). There’s more than 20 types of donuts to choose from each day, so keep coming ’til you’ve had ’em all

2. River Oaks Donuts

You can never go wrong with these delicious donuts: there’s both a drive-through option and counter service. Expect classic varieties of doughnuts—glazed, old-fashioned, jelly-filled and doughnut holes—along with Prasek’s kolaches and locally-brewed coffee.

3. Sam’s Fried Chicken & Donuts

When two of our favourite things collide – fried chicken and donuts – we’re very happy indeed. Sam’s Fried Chicken & Donuts offers a double donut fried chicken sandwich that’s addictively good. There’s also sweet flavours such as blueberry and Mexican chocolate.

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4. Morningstar

Sam Phan, described as a “donut jedi”, brings his baking expertise to the menu at Morningstar with flavors like Pomegranate Cream-filled, pineapple fritter with salted lime and chile, dark chocolate, custard cake, and Cinnamon & Palm Sugar. No doubt some of the best donuts in Houston.

best donuts in Houston

5. Pena’s Donut Heaven & Grill

One of the more veteran donut contenders in Houston is Pena’s Donut Heaven & Grill. Raymond Pena worked in his mother’s donut shop as a child long before he and his wife opened the Donut Heaven & Grill. With flavours such as S’mores, it really is donut heaven.

6. Glazed – The Doughnut Cafe

The best thing about this place is it’s open 24/7, so you can always get your donut fix. Feast on delish creations such as as the macon donut, strawberry cheesecake donut, and breakfast sandwich. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try flavors like peach sour cream cake, creme brûlée, or sangria.

7. Grove Do-Nutz & Deli

This beaut spot specialises in gourmet donuts as well as cronuts (croissant donuts!). All are made in-house from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients. The cronuts are super popular, so get down here early, as they usually sell out by midday. Flavours include Oreo Cheesecake, French Toast and Banana Pudding.

Best Donuts In Houston

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