The 7 Best Hotels In Madrid

The 7 Best Hotels In Madrid

As the capital city and largest populated city in Spain, Madrid has a wide collection of accommodations for travellers of all types. Whether you’re looking for something more affordable or if you’re after luxury, there are endless amounts of fabulous hotels in Madrid.

These are just seven of the best hotels in the charming city of Madrid.

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1. Hotel Ritz Madrid

The Hotel Ritz Madrid is a 5-stay luxury hotel located in the heart of Madrid. It has been welcoming guests since 1910 and will be undergoing a rebrand and will reopen as a Mandarin Oriental before the end of 2019. Nevertheless, expect to be treated like royalty at this high-end hotel.

A night at the Hotel Ritz Madrid will cost you about $400 USD per night.

The Hotel Ritz Madrid

2. The Westin Palace Madrid

The Westin Palace Madrid is a massive hotel that takes up an entire city block in Madrid. With this much real estate, rest assured that the rooms are HUGE and regal and there is plenty to do on this property.

A one-night stay in this 467-room luxury hotel will cost you about $300 USD per night.

The Westin Palace Madrid

3. Hotel Urban

Hotel Urban is a trendy yet elegant hotel that features pretty Spanish-influenced design in its hotel decor. The bathrooms are lined with glass walls and the rooms are minimalist for a calming aesthetic. And yes, the bed is as cosy as it looks.

To stay at this modern hotel, expect to pay roughly $250 USD per night.

Hotel Urban

4. Hotel Wellington

Hotel Wellington is a majestic and rustic hotel that attracts a more formal and traditional audience. Celebrities and the likes of the Spanish royal family have stayed at this hotel, hence its homage to old-school heritage.

It is however a five-star, luxury hotel so if you like vintage and royal vibes this is ideal.

Hotel Wellington

5. Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques

The Gran Meliá Palacio de los Duques is another classy and fancy hotel that is located in the heart of Madrid, near the Royal Palace. The rooms are designed with a heavy Spanish-influence that has been remodelled in the last few years.

A mix of luxury and above-and-beyond service makes the Gran Meliá Palacio a steal of a stay at $300 USD per night.

Gran Meliá Palacio Hotel

6. Gran Hotel Inglés

Gran Hotel Inglés is the oldest hotel in Madrid. Despite this, it is a luxury hotel that has been recently renovated to introduce a more modern and exclusive feel by reducing the number of rooms in this hotel. Less rooms = bigger rooms, right?

Stay at this historic Madrid hotel for roughly $350 USD per night.

oldest hotel in Madrid

7. The Pavilions Madrid

The Pavilions Madrid is a charming yet unassuming hotel in the middle of Madrid. The rooms are chic and are more spacious than average hotel rooms. Cap off your night on their lovely rooftop bar and sip on a glass of wine as you gaze into the Madrid night sky.

$200 USD per night is what it’ll cost you to stay at this cozy and charming hotel in Madrid.

The Pavilions Madrid

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