The 7 Best Hotels In San Francisco

The 7 Best Hotels In San Francisco

San Francisco has some of the most expensive real estate in all of North America. With waterfront hotels occupying prime locations, there are so many amazing hotels in San Francisco.

If ever there’s a city to take things up a notch and treat yourself to a swanky hotel stay, it’s SF.

These are the seven best hotels in San Francisco.

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1. Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco

The Four Seasons Hotel is a 5-star hotel in downtown San Francisco and for good reason. In this ultra-modern luxury hotel, guests are treated to first-class down bedding, wood furnishings, and marble-lined bathrooms. The city views from the rooms are pretty spectacular as well.

A one night stay at the Four Seasons will set you back about $500 USD per night.

Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco

2. The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco

The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco is another swanky and luxurious hotel in the heart of San Francisco. The rooms are fitted with the Ritz colours of blue and white and also includes some first-class modern amenities.

For an all-out luxury stay with over the top customer service, stay at the Ritz-Carlton for about $700 USD per night.

The Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco

3. Palace Hotel, San Francisco

The Palace Hotel is an iconic and historic hotel among the wealthy and famous as celebrities and previous American presidents have frequently stayed here. Today, the Palace has transformed from a more older-looking hotel to one that is on the cutting edge of modern hotel rooms.

Stay at this charming and luxurious hotel in downtown San Francisco for about $400 USD per night.

Palace Hotel in San Francisco

4. Argonaut Hotel

The Argonaut Hotel pays homage to the Pacific Ocean with the nautical theme in this hotel. This hotel by far, has the most charm in San Francisco, with its red brick exterior design and the classy and modern rooms with anchor prints sprinkled in the room.

If you like a charming hotel in a premium waterfront location, stay at the Argonaut Hotel for about $500 USD per night.

Argonaut Hotel in San Francisco

5. Inn at the Presidio

The Inn at the Presidio is a gem of a hotel in San Francisco and definitely feels more like a bed & breakfast. The Inn itself is in a historic Georgian building that has been fully restored and features 22 rooms. It is a sleepy and relaxing getaway that even serves free wine in the evening!

To getaway from the busy city life of San Francisco, you need to stay at the Inn at the Presidio. It will cost you about $350 USD per night.

Inn at the Presidio

6. Loews Regency San Francisco

Loews Regency San Francisco has some of the highest rooms in San Francisco as they occupy the top 11 floors of a 48-floor building. This hotel offers the best views of the Bay Area skyline and the full luxury experience with spacious rooms.

With the best views in the city, you will have to pay about $800 USD per night to stay here at Loews Regency.

Loews Regency San Francisco

7. Hotel Drisco

Hotel Drisco is another old-fashioned posh hotel in San Francisco that sits on top of a hill. At this boutique hotel, guests get top-notch amenities along with an intimate atmosphere. The rooms are spacious and cozy and the complimentary wine in the evening is great for unwinding.

A one night stay at Drisco’s will cost you about $400 USD per night.

Hotel Drisco

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