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The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Amsterdam

The foodie scene in this city is bursting with creativity, so we wanted to suss out the top seven vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.

There is little doubt that 2019 has been very much the year that veganism has spread into the mainstream. The shift in eating habits has come to the Netherlands with some incredibly inventive plant-based cooking. Who needs anything else when vegan dishes taste *this* amazing? These are our top picks of both dedicated vegan restaurants and places doing their bit to promote plant-based choices on their menus.

You really will be spoilt for choice as a vegan in Amsterdam…

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1. Mr & Mrs Watson

Mr & Mrs Watson proves once and for all that vegan food is anything but boring. Cooking “comfort food with a culinary twist”, this is food that makes you curious and happy. Be sure to try the award-winning vegan cheeses.

2. Marits Eetkamer

This beautiful restaurant is an elegant dining room that’s pure class without all the fuss. The 100% vegan restaurant has no a la carte menu – they go with the seasons for a monthly changing set dinner. They also serve natural wine, local beer and liqueur from a nearby distillery.

3. Deer Mama

Deer Mama is a fun 1950’s-style diner, with all-vegan treats on the menu. As well as boozy shakes, juicy BBQ burgers (including the amazing Beyond Meat patty), piled-high pancakes and decadent desserts, there’s salads, sourdough toasts and shareable starters such as miso grilled eggplant. So you can go full cheat meal or get something a little healthier.

4. Men Impossible

Men (Japanese word for ramen) Impossible is easily one of the best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam, with a menu of purely plant-based ramen and tasty vegan starters. The ramen has all the umami flavour and richness of a ‘regular’ broth and is a must-try.

Make a reservation (06-82439199) for the full feast experience: a hearty set menu served on shared tables from an open kitchen in the heart of the scenic Jordaan neighbourhood.

Image: @thefernemoji/Instagram

5. Vegan Junk Food Bar

Feast on classic comfort food here, such as juicy plant-based burgers and fries, made completely of vegan ingredients. The Vegan Junk Food Bar has four locations: De Pijp spot is a fully fledged restaurant serving up dishes such as shawarma and bitterballen, while the Oud-West location has more of a takeaway cafe vibe.

You’ll also find other it downtown and in Oost.

vegan restaurants Amsterdam

6. Lalibela

Lalibela is the oldest Ethiopian restaurant in the Netherlands where you can eat authentic Ethiopian food. It’s not totally veggie/vegan, but they go all out with their plant-based options. Vegans will love the baked eggplant and zucchini served with dishes of veg and salads, all piled onto an endjera – a pancake-like bread.

vegan restaurants Amsterdam

7. Mana Mana

Mana Mana serves up Lebanese and Israeli dishes, and has quickly become a favourite among locals. Dishes such as shakshuka, hummus and the “psychedelic cauliflower” are must-tries on the menu, but don’t worry if you can’t order it all – vegans in Amsterdam won’t need much convincing to visit Manamana more than once.

vegan restaurants Amsterdam

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