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The 7 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Portland

Thanks to its lush lands, Oregon is home to some wonderful produce–which also makes it a great place to be a vegetarian. Visit these vegetarian restaurants in Portland for delicious meals.

You’ll find all kinds of baked goods, meat substitutes and inventive mains to suit all kinds of dietary restrictions. So, start your culinary journey at these restaurants.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Portland, OregonHow do these rankings work?

1. Vtopia All Vegan Restaurant&Cheese Shop

Vtopia is easily one of the best vegan and vegetarian spots in Portland, Oregon. The warm nook serves up light fare like sandwiches and salads, and they have some of the best cashew cheeses around. Portions are large, so get a couple of dishes to share. And don’t forget the mac’n’cheese.

2. Ichiza Kitchen

This comfortable Asian restaurant is home to wonderful vegan noodle bowls and incredible vegetarian chicken. While the noodle bowls are large, filling and always good, the dumplings and wontons are also worth ordering.

best vegetarian in portland

3. Epif

This no-frills cafe serves up South American dishes and delicious pisco cocktails. Cozy up in the casual joint and try the huancaina. If you’re still hungry, definitely go for the empanadas too. And don’t forget a cocktail or two to top it all off with.

best vegetarian in portland


This vegan and vegetarian restaurant is all about the best in Israeli and Middle Eastern fare. Served in a beautifully rustic yet chic atmosphere, its a local favourite. Get the shawarma fries to share and order the falafel bowl for yourself. You certainly won’t go hungry.

best vegetarian in portland

5. Homegrown Smoker

This vegan-friendly Soul food and barbecue restaurant is full of classic favourites. There are so many creative options to choose from, and they’re all quite tasty. Start with the grits sticks and finish with a combo plate full of all your favourites.

6. Virtuous Pie

This vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free-friendly pizzeria offers tons of choices. So many, in fact, you’ll probably have trouble choosing. Start with the garlic knots and order the street corn pie topped with feta and cashew mozzarella for a different take on pizza.

7. Rabbits Cafe

This small counter-service space inside the US Corp building is known for its vegan and vegetarian smoothies and bowls as well as some heartier plates. There’s limited seating. So plan to take your food to-go when you come.

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