instagrammable places in boise

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Boise

Boise is the capital city of the state of Idaho and in this city, the nature and natural landscape of this city make them perfect Instagrammable places in Boise. So if you love being outdoors, then there are plenty of terrific places to go in Boise to fill up your ‘gram.

Check out our top picks of the seven most Instagrammable places in Boise.

The most Instagrammable places in BoiseHow do these rankings work?

1. Freak Alley

You won’t get freaked out in Freak Alley because here is where all of the graffiti and murals are displayed. As the largest outdoor mural gallery in the northwest, there are lots of colourful murals to capture for your feed.

The Breaking Boise mural is a hit in this city.

Freak Alley Boise

2. Perrine Bridge

The Perrine Bridge is an engineering wonder and a great spot for some cool pics. Get a good angle from off the bridge, so you can capture the beams that run beneath the bridge.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch a bungee jumper or base jumper jump off this bridge!

Perrine Bridge Boise

3. Idaho Botanical Garden

If you’re a plant-lover, you’ll find that and lots more at the Idaho Botanical Garden. There are some pretty neat areas here to take some pics and if you can manipulate the sun that shines through the glasshouse, it makes for some epic snaps!

Swing by here if you need a little greenery in your Insta page.

Idaho Botanical Garden

4. Table Rock

It’s only a short hike up to the top of Table Rock but once you get there, the views and picture-opportunities are endless. You’ll also be able to get a sick view of Boise from up top.

For some of the best panoramic pictures you can take in Boise, it’s at Table Rock.

instagrammable places in boise

5. Boise Greenbelt Bridges

The Boise Greenbelt Bridge is a little bit more rustic in charm than the Perrine Bridge. There are actually 16 bridges on the Boise Greenbelt but some of them look a bit eerie and can give off a forbidden and mysterious shot.

See if you can locate the 16 bridges and take some cool (or eerie) snaps for your ‘Gram.

instagrammable places in boise

6. Idaho State Capitol Building

Like most State Capitol Buildings, the dome at the top of the building is what makes this an Instagrammable place in Boise. It stands over 200 feet tall and in 2020, it will turn 100 years old.

Come check out the Capitol Building for one of the best pieces of architecture in Boise.

instagrammable places in boise

7. Boise Union Pacific Depot

The Boise Union Pacific Depot is a Spanish-designed building that was once a passenger rail station. Today, it is used by the City as a tourist attraction and multiple tours and special events are run here.

This Depot is one of the few structures left in Boise that has a distinct Spanish influence in its design. Totally worthy of going on your ‘Gram.

instagrammable places in boise
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