Instagrammable places in New Orleans

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In New Orleans

Looking for the most Instagrammable places in New Orleans? Nicknamed “The Big Easy”, New Orleans is the biggest city in Louisiana and is particularly known for its vibrant party reputation. Aside from the Mardi Gras vibes, there’s a lot of character and history in this beautiful city.

Here are the seven most Instagrammable places in New Orleans.

The most Instagrammable places in New OrleansHow do these rankings work?

1. Trixie Minx Mural at The Catahoula Hotel

The Catahoula Hotel is a chic hotel in New Orleans that just might be more known for the Trixie Minx Mural on the wall of their rooftop bar. Trixie Minx is a legendary local burlesque figure and this mural is a popular site for Instagrammers.

Don’t forget to capture the patio furniture in your shot which is the same turquoise colour as the clothes on Trixie.

Instagrammable places in New Orleans

2. French Quarter

Perhaps the most popular area for party-goers in New Orleans is the French Quarter and Bourbon Street in particular. What will really stand out to you, and make for great shots too, are the multi-level balconies that seem to be on every building in the French Quarter.

So many great shots await you in this historic French Quarter. Try and avoid the sweltering party crowds when trying to take your shot!

Instagrammable places in New Orleans

3. City Park

New Orleans’ largest park, City Park has over 1,300 acres of space where there are tons of great spots to take some fabulous pics. Be sure to hit up Langles Bridge for your photos as it is most photographed place in City Park.

Get your shot on Langles Bridge and explore the rest of City Park as there are many other fantastic spots for Insta-worthy shots.

Instagrammable places in New Orleans

4. St. Charles Streetcar

The St. Charles Streetcar has been transporting passengers in New Orleans since 1835! It is the world’s longest and oldest operating streetcar and it’s charming green colour with its vintage design, make it a dream-worthy Insta shot.

One of the most iconic shots you can capture in New Orleans for your ‘Gram is of this historic Streetcar.

Instagrammable places in New Orleans

5. Brennan’s

Brennan’s is a restaurant in the French Quarter and people love it for its pink facade and exterior. It’s one of a handful of buildings that are pink in the French Quarter but it really stands out for its colour and the vintage architecture of this building.

A common shot here is a standing shot in front of the pink exterior or one of you walking across your shot. Totally ‘gram-worthy stuff here.

Brennan's New Orleans

6. St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square

The St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square is one of New Orleans’ most important landmarks. The entire Jackson Square is something to marvel at and in a way, feels like you’ve been transported back into time. There are vintage horse carriages outside of the square and cathedral that adds to the charm of this area.

Capture an epic shot of the Cathedral as the sun begins to set.

St. Louis Cathedral Jackson Square

7. Carousel Bar & Lounge

A definite one-of-a-kind bar in New Orleans is the Carousel Bar & Lounge. This bar is inside the Hotel Monteleone and as you can probably guess, it looks like a classic merry-go-round but is actually the bar area.

What’s even cooler is that this bar actually slowly rotates as well. Whether you’re capturing a picture or a video, this is absolutely something your ‘Gram needs to have!

Carousel Bar and Lounge New Orleans
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