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7 Unique Spring Festivals Around The World

With spring just around the corner, many are looking for a way to celebrate. Humans have celebrated the changing of seasons since the dawn of time. Thanks to this, the world has some pretty incredible festivals to show for it. Whether you’re headed to India or Mexico, here’s some of the best spring festivals in the world.

Unique Spring Festivals Around The World

1. Holi – India

India’s festival of colours one of the best in the world. To mark the onset of spring, participants cover themselves in colourful powders. Holi symbolises the triumph of good over evil and is a time to spread love, gratitude and happiness. Because of this, it’s seen as one of the world’s most fun and meaningful celebrations of spring.

2. Cherry Blossom Festival – Japan

Head to Japan during the nations most colourful time of year. The famous cherry blossom trees come into bloom to paint the country a million shades of pink. The sakura or cherry blossom’s beauty and fragility make it a symbol of life in Japanese culture. Don’t miss a chance to celebrate this important Japanese festival.

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3. Songkran – Thailand

Thailand’s most famous festival is one that belongs on everyone’s bucket list. To commemorate the coming of spring and the Thai New Year, the city hosts a massive water festival. Crowds create massive water fights and become drenched as a way to ‘wash away’ the old and welcome the new.

4. Tulip Time – Holland

Is anything more representative of spring than tulips? You may think that Tulip Time is in the Netherlands given that the country is famous for its beautiful tulips. However, Tulip Time is a festival which takes place in Holland, Michigan.

The small town comes together to honour the communities strong Dutch roots, with a rainbow of 5 million tulips. Head to Holland, Michigan this Spring to take part in a charming community dedicated to the preservation of their heritage.

5. Las Fallas – Spain

Spain is no stranger to elaborate festivals. Celebrations like La Tomatina and Festa Mejor De Gracia draw an enormous amount of tourists annually. Las Fallas is no different. Every year in March, The city of Valencia is set alight with effigies ranging from political figures to children’s cartoons every year. The city becomes completely covered in block parties and massive toasts to the onset of spring.

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6. Spring Equinox Teotihuacan – Mexico

You can find Spring Equinox celebrations around the world but in the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan, it’s a little different. Every year on the Spring Equinox, hundreds of thousands of visitors gather to mark the occasion. Some even make the climb to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun to perform rituals.

7. Čimburijada – Bosnia

Eggs have long been a symbol of revitalisation and fertility both figuratively and literally. What better way to pay homage to the onset of spring and the fertility it represents than with scrambled eggs? Čimburijada is the annual spring festival that takes place in Bosnia and to celebrate; they scramble eggs. So, head down to the city river banks to indulge in this ancient symbol of fertility, lightly salted.

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