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The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants In Miami

We’ve reviewed everything from chicken wings and pasta all the way to the best cafes in Miami. But, the vegan foodie scene is so strong in this coastal Florida city that it’d be a shame not to explore all of the hot spots serving plant-based cuisine.

Miami’s one of the most vegan-friendly cities in America, and the restaurants you’ll find here compete with some of the best vegan restaurants in the world – you just have to know where to look in order to find them.

Fancy a healthy, meat-free feast? Check out one of the best vegan restaurants in Miami in order to get your fix.

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1. Plant Miami

Plant Miami has a modern plant-based approach with an emphasis on vibrant organic living foods. With vegan, kosher dishes naturally inspired by the South Florida landscape, they use the purest ingredients and highest sustainability practices in the industry. Plus, most of their farm-to-chef ingredients are locally sourced from their very own Paradise Farm.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Miami

2. Planta

Don’t let the trendy South Beach location fool you – everything about Planta is elegantly down-to-earth. This innovative plant-based restaurant is inspired by all parts of the world, and it shows in the dishes they serve. While the entire menu isn’t vegan, a large portion of it is, and locals love everything on it. Try their famous Thai salads or cauliflower tots.

Vegan Food Miami

3. Choices Cafe

Looking for a quality vegan cafe to visit or a trendy spot for vegan brunch in Miami? Choices Cafe serves up, well, lots of choices that are all plant-based and some even organic. Here, you can order pretty much anything you can think of, from protein bowls and burgers to taco sliders and mac and cheese.

Vegan Cafe Miami

4. Full Bloom

Fun fact, Full Bloom was actually the first fully vegan restaurant in Miami. Today, their dedication to sourcing local ingredients continues to impress visitors who travel from all over just to get a taste of what’s in bloom. Our pro tip? Try the buckwheat pancakes or one of their chickpea omelettes.

5. Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin

You’ll find this 100% vegan and Caribbean-inspired restaurant in North Beach where they serve some of Miami’s best burgers, sandwiches, and vegan pizza. The lush, inspired interior mirrors what’s on the menu and their vegan breakfast is some of the best in all of Florida.

6. Manna Life Food

If you’re focused on getting healthy, then Manna Life Food can help you start your journey, whether you’re vegan or not. They’ve truly thought of everything, and they’ve put it all together with care. From the superfood arepas and the grain bowls to the nutrient-packed acai bowls, there’s nothing here that’s not going to wow you and your stomach.

Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Miami

7. Charly’s Vegan Tacos

As a vegan, it’s usually hard to find niche restaurants that cater to your super-specific cravings. Charly’s Vegan Tacos helps solve that problem, serving up meat-free Mexican delights, vegan tacos, and so much more to hungry visitors. One bite of the tacos here and you’ll definitely agree that it’s some of the best vegan food in Miami.

Where to Find Best Vegan Food in Miami

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