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21 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need To Visit Brussels

When it comes to European cities to visit, Brussels isn’t always top of people’s lists but we wanted to show you some of the reasons why it absolutely should be.

A true gem in the centre of Europe that has everything you could ever dream of for your next holiday. (Check out the 7 most Instagrammable spots in Brussels here before your trip).

Here are 21 reasons why you absolutely have to visit Brussels at least once in your lifetime…

Reasons To Visit Brussels

1. The best beer in the world

While most countries have only been obsessing over craft beer in recent years, Belgium has always been this way. With over 400 locally brewed beers to choose from you will be in heaven.

Brewed beers in Brussels

2. The Grand Place

Easily one of the most impressive squares you’ll find in any city throughout the world. It gets bonus points for the floral masterpieces you see every year when you visit Brussels.

The Grand Place in Brussels

3. 144 Michelin starred restaurants in the city

You might think of France or Italy when it comes to fine dining in Europe, but Brussels has some of the highest density of fine dining in Europe… Without as much of the fuss.

Visit Brussels

4. The many parks in the city

When you visit Brussels, you’ll soon see it is a city of stunning open areas and parks.

Plenty to choose from but Cinquantenaire right in the centre and the fabulous Bois de la Cambre are as good – if not better – as you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Park in Brussels

5. Atomium

It was originally built in 1958 for Brussels World’s Fair and it really has stood the test of time from a design standpoint. You can read more about this unique exhibit here.

Atomium in Brussels

6. The city is a Mecca for Art Nouveau

Simply walking around the city is a joy for lovers of Art Nouveau.  The likes of Horta, Hankar and Cauchie have used the city as their canvas and there are delights to discover around every corner.

Mecca for Art Nouveau

7. Frites!

Other countries can argue all they want about having the best fries in the world, but once you taste what is served in Brussels you’ll know the final answer. Served with mayonnaise, they are absolute perfection.

Best Fries in Brussels

8. Incredible architecture

It doesn’t take long before you realise that Brussels is one of the most beautifully built cities you’ll ever come across. There’s beautiful buildings like the Cathedral of St. Michael & St. Gudula around every corner.

Cathedral of St. Michael & St. Gudula

9. Quick fast food chain

While the rest of the world might try and choose between McDonald’s and Burger King you haven’t really lived until you try Quick. Once you’ve tried their secret burger sauce, you’ll never be able to look back.

Quick fast food chain

10. Friendly locals

With a mixture of French and Flemish speakers as well as a huge expat and migrant community, you’ll be blown away by the people and how helpful and friendly everybody is.

French and Flemish speakers

11. You can enjoy fine dining on a vintage tram

The trams that run through Brussels give it a magical feel, but for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, jump on a vintage fine dining tram and tour the city for the ultimate treat.

fine dining in a vintage tram

12. A chocolate heaven

As if having great frites and beer wasn’t enough, the Belgians are also serious pros when it comes to chocolate.

When you visit Brussels you’ll find gorgeous chocolatiers on every street. Bliss.

chocolate heaven in Brussels

13. It’s a city obsessed with cartoons

Did you know Brussels is the home of Tintin? You’ll arrive in a city that has always been obsessed with comic books and the culture surrounding them.

Visit Brussels

14. The home of the European Union

Not only is Belgium centrally located in Europe, but they also host the European Union, their employees and many of its institutions. It gives the city a real international and multicultural vibe.

European Union

15. Galeries St Hubert

While there is plenty of shopping in Brussels you’ll struggle to find anywhere as nice as this arcade just off the Grand Place. Absolutely Instagram-worthy and a wonderful place for a wander.

Galeries St Hubert

16. Incredible range of museums

Brussels is packed full of museums that are great value for money (and often free) and the beauty here is that they come without the queues you have in other big cities.

Incredible range of museums

17. The Manneken Pis

Only in a country like Belgium would you have a small boy pissing as their national symbol. It shows the city’s wonderful humour and is a must-see when you visit Brussels.

The Manneken Pis

18. See all of Europe on one trip

You could spend months traveling Europe or you can come to Brussels and get your picture taken beside all the monuments in Mini Europe in one afternoon. Sorted.

Mini Europe in Brussels

19. Incredibly unique bars

The bars in Brussels are as unique, visually stunning and exciting as any you’ll find in any other city. Packed full of character and wonderful places to spend a couple of hours.

Also, remember those 400+ types of beer we mentioned?

Incredibly unique bars

20. The waffles

You haven’t lived until you walk down a street in the depths of winter nursing a delicious Belgian waffle and chowing down on its sweetness. One of life’s great joys.

The waffles in Brussels

21. The Flea Markets

You haven’t really experienced flea markets until you visit Brussels. Huge in size and you’ll be amazed at the sheer variety of goods on sale.

You could spend hours rummaging for bargains.

The Flea Markets

We think you’ll probably agree that it’s about time you made the decision to finally visit Brussels.

And before you head you’ll want to check the 7 Most Instagrammable spots in Brussels or this incredible Airbnb in the Grand Place

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