Best Nightlife in Croatia

Where To Find The Best Nightlife In Croatia

Croatia is fast becoming one of the most popular countries in Europe. It plays host to a number of world-famous music festivals, its ancient cities are jaw-droppingly beautiful, and its lush natural scenery makes for incredible sunsets. The Balkan country has something for every mood – for when you want to explore its history, embrace its culture, lounge on white sand beaches, or indeed party the night away. From dancing in medieval fortresses to sipping cocktails in glitzy coastal lounges, Croatia is a slice of heaven. Here’s where to find some of the best nightlife in Croatia.

Best Nightlife in Croatia


The capital city of Croatia has a population of under a million, yet its nightlife is sure to impress. Lively and varied, there’s a great mix of clubs, bars, lounges, and pubs to get stuck into. There’s a large concentration of small bars of cafes along the vibrant Tkalčićeva Street, the perfect spot for people-watching. Balmy summer nights see locals and tourists flock to the shores of Lake Jarun, lined with bars and lounges. Not only is Zagreb’s nightlife a great choice for those who like a dance and a drink, but the city also has a buzzing theatre scene. A dinner and a show is always a wonderful way to spend an evening.

Best Nightlife in Croatia


The beautiful island of Hvar has it all. Bouncing clubs, chilled-out beach bars, upscale lounges, and plenty of open-top venues. Whether you’re a cash-strapped backpacker or looking to splash the cash, there’s something for everyone here. Throw in an absolutely beautiful backdrop and you’re onto a winner. Hula Hula is one of the most popular spots on the island. By day the beach bar is the perfect place for chilling with a cocktail, by dusk you’re watching the sun dip into the sparkling sea, and by night you’re dancing under the stars.

Best Nightlife in Croatia

Pag Island

Pag Island is the ultimate beach party destination. You’ll find an array of open-air lounges, beach clubs, and bars along the famous Zrće Beach. The island is popular all summer long, but it goes to another level when it’s hosting its world-famous festivals. HideoutSonus, and Fresh Island are Pag’s most well-known music festivals, producing some of the best nightlife in the world. But with so many incredible beach clubs, like Aquarius, Kalypso, Noa Beach, and Papaya, the fun rages on whether there’s a festival or not. If you want a break from the crowds of Zrće, you’ll want to head to the booming Cocomo. The neon-lit venue is along the seafront of Novalja, where you’ll find plenty of bars to whet the whistle before party time.


The historical city, known for its ancient walls and Croatian architecture, might not be first on your list when it comes to the best nightlife in Croatia. But come nighttime, this picturesque town transforms into a party place, where locals and tourists can unwind and have some fun. It’s rather glitzy, with buzzing clubs, bars, and lounges lining the glimmering harbour. Dubrovnik really is a beautiful medieval city, and it takes advantage of that with Culture Club Revelin. A medieval fortress sets the stage for this club, which regularly hosts world-renowned live music acts and DJs. Whether you’re dancing on the roof terrace under the stars or in an impressive stone room, it’s undeniably special.


Split has a bustling party vibe, being a hotspot for friends’ holidays and backpackers. There are countless cafe bars where you can admire the scenery and engage in everyone’s favourite past-time, people-watching. The waterfront is lined with cafes, pubs, and lounges to enjoy a cocktail or two, while further into the city centre you’ll find an array of clubs and dancey bars. Coastal beach clubs are particularly popular here, there are plenty of chic and stylish beach clubs that are sure to provide a great night. Surrounded by ancient stone walls, caves, and coves, Split not only has some of the best nightlife in Croatia, but it’s also incredibly beautiful.

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