cave suite Greece

This Cave Suite In Greece Is Made From 1,000 Pieces Of Wood

Every now and again you see a new hotel design that makes you pause and simply say ‘wow’. That’s exactly the case with this incredibly unique wooden cave suite in Greece.

The wooden cave is in Hyades Mountain Resort, a resort hotel that is located on the edge of the lower district of Trikala Corinthias at an altitude of 1100 meters and has amazing views of the mountain landscape. While all the rooms here are beautiful (there’s cosy Finnish-style chalets), the wooden cave is the real showstopper.

cave suite Greece

The Wooden Cave Suite in Greece is Made up of 1,000 Pieces Of Handcut Spruce

According to Dezeen, the suite comprises 1,112 pieces of spruce. “An algorithm-based programme was used to draw out the required shape of each timber piece before they were cut to size on-site by two architects”, Dezeen explains. The masterminds behind the beautiful suite are Apostolos Mitropoulos and Thanos Zervos, from Tenon Architecture.

cave suite Greece

Two areas of the rear wall dip inwards to accommodate the double and single beds. The beds are built into the curving platform below. Other details in the room such as floorboards, cupboards of the kitchenette and the dining table are pinewood. In contrast, the front half of the suite is a sleek design of dark stone tiles that are from locally in Trikala.

The tiles are also all around the huge bathtub, which has amazing views of the mountain peaks outside. The hotel says that the wood and curves of the suite recreates “a warm and welcoming environment that retains the archetypical feeling of a natural shelter.”

It certainly looks very welcoming to us! You can book the wooden suite directly with the hotel here.

All images by Spyros Hound Photography.

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