Most 420 Friendly Cities in the World 2020

7 Most 420-Friendly Cities In The World 2020

Cannabis tourism is on the rise. With marijuana becoming legal in more countries each year, so is the number of travellers looking for 420-friendly cities to enjoy. 

Thanks to social progression and legal reforms, you don’t have to make it all the way out to Amsterdam just to legally enjoy a joint. Although it’s definitely still high on the list of stoner bucket list destinations.

Whether you’re looking to make a special trip for 420 or simply want to travel to a place where you know you’ll be able to toke and tour, there are plenty of options. Check out our list of the top seven most 420-friendly cities in the world to help you plan your next high vacation.

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1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

What’s a list of the most 420-friendly cities in the world if it doesn’t start with Amsterdam? Even though other cities have adopted a similar culture towards cannabis and coffee shops, Amsterdam remains the most popular, and for a good reason.

Charming canals, breathtaking buildings, and pretty top-notch munchie food all make Amsterdam our top pick for the most 420-friendly city in the world. You can even take a tour of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam. We highly recommend it if it’s your first time there and you’re actually interested in the local culture and history.

You have to be 18 to purchase weed in one of the city’s 160 coffee shops, but you can purchase up to 5 grams per day, which, unless you’re Snoop Dogg, should suffice.

Most 420 Friendly Cities 2020

2. Denver, Colorado

Denver is a pioneer city in America when it comes to cannabis. Colorado was one of the first US states to fully legalise marijuana and subsequently tax it, which proved to be a huge success socially and economically.

Now, the city’s success is your delight, as Denver is a stoner’s paradise. There’s even a bed and breakfast that’s specifically for smokers. Adagio Bud and Breakfast is a 420-friendly hotel that includes a wake and bake breakfast and luscious green gardens where you can smoke until you’re high enough to go out and enjoy everything else that Denver has to offer.

Download Weed Maps and search for a retail dispensary in Denver, not a medical one (you’ll need a state license for that).

Most 420 Friendly City in America

3. Vancouver, Canada

Ah, Vansterdam – North America’s mighty response to the cannabis mecca of Amsterdam in Europe. Serving up stunning mountain views and some of the best weed in the Western hemisphere, Vancouver is definitely one of the most 420-friendly cities in the world.

Some of the first smoke lounges in Canada were established in Vancouver, and now that weed is legal for medical and recreational use, it’s become a hotspot for cannabis tourism. 

The Amsterdam Cafe is pretty well-known, as is the downstairs Blunt Bros where it’s not hard to guess what they smoke. However, we suggest checking out other licensed cannabis retailers. Choose one that’s near all of the tourist attractions you’re going to want to visit. 

Where to Smoke Weed in Vancouver

4. Montevideo, Uruguay

Did you know that Uruguay was the first country in the entire world to legalise recreational cannabis? Yep, it’s been legal for years even though they’ve just started selling it in 2017.

To purchase marijuana in Uruguay, you’ll have to go to a pharmacy. While this might sound great, it’s not quite as easy as walking into a Dutch coffee shop. You have to register to be able to pick up your weed. And, you can only purchase 10 grams per week.

But, with all there is to see and do in Montevideo, ten grams should be more than enough to help you get high and happy as you head out and tour the city. Stop off at one of the best coffee shops in Montevideo for tasty snacks and strong coffee to help you refuel. 

Image: Marcos Araujo Sobrinho/Flickr

5. Barcelona, Spain

If the words cannabis club sound like heaven to you then book a one-way ticket to Barcelona and prepare to light up. Spain’s been pretty popular amongst expats for a while due to the sunny weather and low cost of living.

However, amongst millennial travellers, it’s well-known for cannabis clubs – places where you can sign up as a member and give donations in exchange for sticky, green bud. Even though you’re required to smoke on-site, these clubs are often so cool that you wouldn’t want to leave anyway.

The same goes for Spain’s capital city of Madrid, where cannabis clubs often include flat-screen TVs, pool tables, gaming consoles, and super comfy couches to melt into. It’s important to note that you’re usually required to be “invited” by an existing member to join the clubs.

6. Kingston, Jamaica

As the birthplace of legendary Bob Marley, there are few travel destinations higher on a stoner’s bucket list than Jamaica. Despite what most people think, the government only recently decriminalised cannabis in 2015. Now, you’re allowed to possess up to 2 ounces for personal use.

You won’t be able to purchase weed in coffee shops or even cannabis clubs here. But, there are plenty of Rastafarians who walk up and down the sandy shores of Jamaica selling quality ganja to sober tourists. 

You might take a look at one of the medical dispensaries in Kingston if you’re in a pinch. They sometimes offer medical licenses to tourists with permissions from other countries or even after self-evaluation (hello, yes, I have severe glaucoma).

Cannabis Culture in Jamaica

7. Nimbin, Australia

This town is to stoners what Comic-Con is to Trekkies and Marvel fanatics. It’s a place where they can surround themselves with a culture that feels comfortable. Nimbin is the self-proclaimed cannabis capital of Australia, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

The small, sleepy (or stoned) town of Nimbin looks as if it belongs way back in the 60s. Tie-dye shirts line the streets and flower-covered signs call out to cannabis users everywhere: “Happy Hippie Herbs.”

Here, you can visit numerous smoke shops and even purchase happy cookies. If you’re not quite sure what makes them happy, then Nimbin might not be the travel destination for you.

Image: Ministry of Cannabis

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