The best hotel bars in Switzerland

The 7 Best Hotel Bars in Switzerland

Switzerland automatically brings to mind an air of luxury, and an indulgent nightcap isn’t an exception either. Whether you prefer a glass of wine or an intricately crafted cocktail, you’ll find what you seek in this tiny country.

Visit these best hotel bars in Switzerland.

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1. Le Henryk’s Bar

Le Henryk’s Bar at the Grand Hotel du Lac in Vevey is a lounge you’ll want to come back to night after night. The rich fireside lounge is filled with dark, plush furnishings with glittery accents making this the perfect last stop in a sultry night. The solid menu includes good beer and wine selections as well as sherries and aperitifs. Order a Woody Spirit for a well-balanced nightcap.

The best hotel bars in Switzerland

2. National Bar

The National Bar at the Grand Hotel National in Luzern is another stylish option for enjoying a cocktail. The bar brings to mind Old World charm and luxury while serving up well-made drinks. There’s a good selection of wines, beer, sherries, aperitifs and ports as well we signature cocktails, but try the drink of the month.

The best hotel bars in Switzerland

3. Chalet du Royal

The Lounge Bar and Cigar Lounge are nice stops, but head to the Chalet du Royal at the Royal Savoy in Lausanne for an atmospheric drink. In true Alpine fashion, this pine Swiss chalet-inspired bar is the perfect place for a cozy night. Curl up here with a glass of Merlot and a pot of fondue.

Best Swiss hotel bars

4. The Leopard Bar

Take a seat in The Leopard Bar at the Hotel D’Angleterre in Geneva. The splashy lounge is like relaxing in a study or library filled with plush leather chairs and offset with leopard accents–and even leopard carpet. The menu is quite extensive and includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Settle in with a Gin Fizz.

5. Doldar Grand Bar

The Doldar Grand, located in Zurich, has two bars, but visit the Doldar Grand Bar. It’s dimly lit by suspended candles and filled with dark, luxurious furnishings. Sleek and modern, this bar is simplistic but eye-catching.

6. Bellevue Bar

This legendary bar within the Bellevue Palace of Bern is warm and welcoming and often times the meeting place of world leaders. The classic bar is a wonderful setting for everything from business meetings to pre-dinner cocktails. The knowledgeable bartenders mix up incredible concoctions too. Order a Hugo.

7. Le Bar

The Bar at Hotel Palafitte in Neuchatel make wonderful drinks, but take it to any level of the terrace during warm-weather months if you can find a place to sit. The second-level overlooks the lake and the rest of the sleek and modern hotel while the first-floor allows you to dip your feet in while sipping your drink. Order a classic cocktail.

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