The 7 Best Pizzas In Toronto

Forget about poutine (just for a minute, okay?) – Toronto pizza is where it’s at. By ‘it’ we mean the most satisfyingly delicious pies and slices that would make even an Italian jealous.

The pizza scene here ranges from greasy-yet-gourmet slices to authentic wood-fired pies that you would happily eat every weekend. This is one city where carb lovers will be safe and sound.

We’ve rounded up the best of the best pizzas in Toronto, so get feasting.

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1. The Good Son

This cosy neighbourhood restaurant does a lot of things very, very well, but it’s the pizza that stands out for us. Go for indulgent toppings of Smoked Pork Cheek, Roasted Pineapple and Scotch Bonnet for a real flavour boost.

2. General Assembly Pizza

This hip counter service pizza joint has cocktails on tap and the best pizza toppings in the city. Mozzarella, taleggio, parmesan, cream, black pepper or housemade lamb sausage. *drool*

4. Pizzeria Via Mercant

Pizzeria Via Mercanti is a charming family pizza joint with four locations and is known for being one of the top pizzerias in the city. You have to get their two layer pizza: ricotta, prosciutto cotto, mixed mushrooms, hot soppressata, topped by their famous margherita.

5. Pizzeria Libretto 

With something for everyone here, this pizza place has gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegetarian and vegan options that all taste incredible. Yep, that even includes a pretty impressive vegan mozzarella.

6. Dino’s Wood Burning Pizza

This simple counter-service spot serves up thin crust pizzas that are bursting with quality toppings and melted cheese. The crusts have just the right amount of char and there’s no better place for a quick and easy pie.

7. Village Pizza

Choose whether you want a whole pie or by the slice here – slices are a little above the normal price at $5 but the gourmet toppings and thin crust make it totally worth it. The Superior Sausage is especially good: fennel sausage, bocconcini, pickled peppers and baby kale with lemon oil, brown butter & sage.

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