Best Caribbean Restuarants In Toronto

The 7 Best Caribbean Restaurants In Toronto

The best Caribbean restaurants in Toronto truly personify island flavours. This delightful category of culinary culture is a unique fusion of so many unique cuisines from all over the world. 

You’ll find influences from everywhere from African, Creole, and Cajun cuisines all the way to European, Latin American, and even South Asian cuisines. Crom seafood to tropical fruits and lots of tasty meats, Caribbean food is bold, flavourful, hot, and fresh.

Whether you’re craving fiery jerk chicken or tasty plantains and perhaps even some braised oxtail, here’s where to find the best Caribbean restaurants in Toronto.

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1. Mona’s Roti

Mona’s Roti is a Trinidadian family business that’s become a staple on the local culinary scene as one of the best Caribbean restaurants in Toronto. The hand-crafted roti here is truly superb and clearly authentic. The velvety texture of the roti, plus the tasty curries and flavourful stews ensure that you’ll never leave this place unsatisfied.

Best Caribbean Restuarants In Toronto

2. Ritz Caribbean Foods

If you’re craving a taste of Jamaica in Toronto, there’s really no better place to go than Ritz Caribbean Foods. They’ve now got seven locations across the city, ensuring that you’re never too far from plantain tarts, curried goat, or some super delicious, mouthwatering oxtail. The no-frills place is laidback and fairly-price. And, they serve Ting.

Best Caribbean Restuarants In Toronto

3. Allwyn’s Bakery

Have you ever had a jerk chicken sandwich served on sweet, freshly-baked coco bread? At Allwyn’s Bakery, you can. In terms of longevity, this spot easily reigns supreme. They’ve been serving up Caribbean delicacies such as patties and oxtail for over two decades now. Seriously, though, the jerk sandwiches are to die for. Definitely a must if you’re in Toronto.

Best Caribbean Restuarants In Toronto

4. Rasta Pasta

Rasta Pasta might not be 100% Caribbean, but it’s the unique fusion of Caribbean and Italian cuisines that makes this place so intriguing and delicious. As the name suggests, they serve rasta pasta varieties such as jerk lasagna. However, expect familiar classics as well, such as ackee, oxtail, and more.

5. Drupati’s 

This Trinidadian restaurant specialises in roti and doubles, with dishes ranging from Aloo Pie and Pholourie to Saheena. Their curry goat is one of the best you’ll taste in all of Canada, but that’s not to say that everything else they serve isn’t also going to make you absolutely drool all over the place. It’s flavourful and authentic.

6. Judy’s Island Grill

Judy’s Island Grill serves up some of the most authentic Caribbean food in all of Toronto. From delectable Jamaican entrees to savoury seafood delights, you’ll find something to love on this menu and so much more. Order the King Fish or Snapper Fish meals. They’re favourites and for a very delicious reason.

7. One Love Vegetarian Restaurant

As a vegetarian, it can be hard to indulge in the delectable flavours that personify Caribbean cuisine. And, that’s what makes One Love Vegetarian Restaurant one of the best Caribbean restaurants in Toronto; they cater to everybody! Here, you can treat yourself to their famous corn soup or even veggie protein roti that tastes just as good as the real thing.

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