The 7 Best Places For BBQ In Toronto

Romantic restaurants, decadent wine bars and some of the country’s best poutine await you in Toronto. But, you know what else you’ll find here to tantalise your foodie tastebuds? Some of the world’s best BBQ.

That’s right, the best BBQ in Toronto is easily some of the best in the world. You’ll find that it even rivals some of the best places for BBQ in the USA. So, go ahead and plan a food-focused trip as we’ve got seven spots well worth visiting for.

Add each and every one of them to your Toronto food bucket list. You’re going to do some serious eating here, so head here hungry and perhaps even with a few friends just so you can graze your way through more than one plate of smoked meat.

Best BBQ In TorontoHow do these rankings work?

1. Adamson Barbecue

There’s really no arguing that Adamson Barbecue churns out some of the absolute best BBQ in Toronto. Just ask the hoards of locals who line up out the door just to get a taste. They focus on Central Texas-style barbecue, meaning that their brisket is especially tender, flavourful and authentic. When it comes time to order, definitely opt for a heading over with friends so you can indulge in a full platter. It’s worth it.

Best BBQ In Toronto

2. Cherry Street Bar-B-Que

Friends, family, locals and travellers alike spill out onto the patio at Cherry Street Bar-B-Que as they indulge in some of Toronto’s tastiest smoked meats. Using a white oak wood fire, they smoke everything from sausage and turkey to brisket and pork. The white oak lends a unique taste and aroma as it’s a bit lighter than hickory so it doesn’t overpower the rich flavours of the quality meat they source.

Best BBQ In Toronto

3. Beach Hill Smokehouse

There seems to be a fascination with Central Texas-style BBQ in Toronto as Beach Hill Smokehouse is another top spot serving up this kind of world-famous ‘cue. And, they certainly serve it up to tradition here. Using certified Black Angus beef, they craft some of the most mouthwatering brisket plates in Toronto. Not your thing? Try the massive, meat-topped loaded potatoes.

Best BBQ In Toronto

4. Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ

Housemade sauces and some tasty veggie options make Greenwood Smokehouse one great spot for BBQ in Toronto regardless of your flavour preferences. Like another spot on this list, they smoke their meats low and slow over a white oak log fire, lending a fresh, fiery taste that’s not too smokey yet still rich and full. Try their chicken and waffles or stick with a classic such as the Ontario heritage-bred pork plates.

5. Hogtown Smoke

As they put it, “Southern-style barbecue dripping with flavour rules at Hogtown Smoke.” And, truly, it rules. The flavours in the pork plates here are so enticing that it’s hard to decide to which to order first. Their sandwiches are a great place to start as they offer a variety of different styles of BBQ. From their Carolina Pulled Pork sammy to the Texas Brisket option and even the Jack’d Up Grilled Cheese, it’s all so delicious.

6. Smoque N Bones

Sugar maple smoked chicken and house chorizo set this BBQ spot apart from the rest of the competition in Toronto. That and the fact that the spot is both a BBQ restaurant and a bourbon bar. What tastes better than world-class ribs just dripping with sauce and flavour? World-class ribs served with a side of some of the best bourbon in the city. And, you can count on being able to enjoy both in large quantities here.

Best BBQ In Toronto

7. Pig Out BBQ

If you’re after just a simple plate of the best BBQ in Toronto and want to spend your time enjoy the flavours with none of the gimmicks of larger restaurants, check out Pig Out BBQ. Even people from the Southern United States will tell you that it’s some pretty darn great BBQ. They particularly rave about the brisket and cornbread. Combine the two together in a meal and you’re all set for one fantastic lunch or dinner.

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