7 Exotic Glamping Spots

7 Exotic Glamping Spots To Escape The Winter Boredom

Depending on where you are in the world right now, there’s a very high chance that it’s absolutely baltic. Christmas is over, the days are dark and short and you’ve been back in the office for far too long.

So, why not escape it all with a little impromptu luxury trip? Living the high-life doesn’t have to cost a bomb either, as these glamping spots from Pitchup.com and AirBnb prove.

1. Ngorongoro Forest Tented Lodge, Tanzania

Ideal for a safari adventure through Tanzania’s northern circuit, this beautiful lodge has views of the African bush and an onsite restaurant and Jacuzzi. Check out those views from the restaurant…

glamping Exotic Glamping Spots Ngorongoro Forest Tented Lodge

2. Bamboo Eco Cottage, Ubud, Indonesia

This unique place is a woven house made almost entirely of bamboo. You’ll have access to a peaceful swing and saltwater pool, and eat a candlelit dinner under the stars. Bliss.

Bamboo Eco Cottage glamping cottage glamping Ubud eco cottage glamping

3. Karen Eco Lodge, Chiang Mai, Thailand

A cute eco lodge in the jungle of Northern Thailand is ideal for a budget getaway. You can go jungle trekking on a half-day tour, go bamboo rafting close by or visit the local elephant camp (make sure you don’t participate in unethical elephant rides!).

Karen Eco Lodg farm Escape

4. Alpenglow Luxury Camping, Alaska, USA

Okay, sure, Alaska is also going to be very cold during winter, but with a setting as amazing as this, who cares? Wake up to morning views of the nearby glacier and soak in the wood-burning hot tub.

Alpenglow Luxury Camping Luxury Camping Alpenglow

5. Bar’coquebrado Camping, Costa Rica

Bar’coquebrado is in a prime spot for jungles, beaches and the ocean. Ccampers can sleep in a kitted-out tent in between days of rollicking on the beach and exploring Costa Rica’s lush jungles.

Bar'coquebrado Camping Bar’coquebrado Camping

6. Mongolian Yurt, California, USA

This luxurious Mongolian Yurt can sleep 6 people, and there’s a hot tub, outdoor shower, sauna, swimming pool and BBQ on site. Oh, and they also have an on-site masseuse available.

Mongolian Yurt, California Winter Boredom Mongolian Yurt

7.  Slattery Tent, Washington, USA

This tent is decorated in a “Lawrence of Arabia” style, complete with a crystal chandelier and LED candles. The glamping site is on a working family farm, with views of the countryside.

Slattery Tent, Washington glamping tent glamping Slattery glamping

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