The 7 Best Bars In St. Louis

7 Of The Best Bars In St. Louis

The state of Missouri is known as “The Show Me State” and they definitely know how to show you some great bars in St.Louis. Home to some hip and contemporary bars with world-class bartenders, there are plenty of bars in St.Louis that are worth going to.

Check out the top seven bars in St.Louis.

The best bars in St.LouisHow do these rankings work?

1. Taste

Taste is most likely one of the first bars that people mention when they look for a place that serves great cocktails. Open for a decade now, Taste has built their reputation on their creative and inventive cocktail making skills and beautiful cocktail presentation.

Get an Old Fashioned here on Sunday and Mondays and enjoy it for just $7!

Taste Bar in st.louis

2. Sasha’s Wine Bar

The winner of best wine bar in St. Louis goes to Sasha’s Wine Bar. Here, you’ll find an extensive wine list featuring wines from around the world in a nice and relaxing setting.

Perfect way to unwind after a busy day would be hunkering down here with a few glasses of wine.

Sasha's Wine Bar

3. Planter’s House

Planter’s House is up there for one of St. Louis’ favourite cocktail bars, with many saying it’s the best, period. It’s great because the bartenders are world-class in their mixology skills and can make a classic cocktail or you can let them surprise you with a drink of your favourite liquor.

Swing by the Planter’s House for some seriously amazing cocktails that are the best in St. Louis.

The Planter's House in St.Louis

4. The Gin Room

The Gin Room is an inconspicuous bar that can be easy to not notice. But once you do find it and come inside, you’ll feel like you’re in gin heaven thanks to their extensive collection of commercial and private gins.

With over 100 different gins from around the world here, ask the bartender to hook you up with your favourite gin cocktail.

bars in st.louis

5. International Tap House

At the International Tap House, you’re going to get beers and lots of them! The setting in this taproom is comfortable and with lots of TVs around you, it’ll be hard to miss the big game while you’re enjoying your brew.

They boast over 40 different beers on tap here from around the world so choose the type of beer you prefer.

International Tap House

6. Blood & Sand

No, you won’t get any Blood & Sand in your cocktail, but you will need to be a member to come on in. If you’re lucky enough to become one, the cocktails are simply superb and their wine offerings are long.

Become a member here for a small monthly fee and you can also opt in to join their wine club.

Blood & Sand Bar

7. Salt + Smoke

Bourbon cocktail lovers will want to flock to Salt + Smoke where a large number of their 100+ drinks feature bourbon. For something a bit lighter, they also have lots of craft beers as well.

Whatever B is your flair for the evening, come to Salt + Smoke for a beer or a bourbon (or both)!

Salt + Smoke Bar

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