Best Ribs in St. Louis 2020

The 7 Best Places For Ribs In St. Louis

St. Louis style ribs are world-famous, and for a good reason. This style of BBQ is specific to the city and refers to the fact that, here, they grill ribs instead of smoking them like in other places with iconic BBQ such as Texas, Tennessee, and North Carolina

St. Louis style ribs are also often fattier than baby back ribs, which naturally lends itself to the fact that they’re often more flavourful and full of lots of rich, tender and juicy goodness. However, you’ll find any kind of ribs you’re looking for in this Missouri city. And, they’re all just as flavourful as the next.

We’ve reviewed the best BBQ in Missouri. But, now it’s time to take a dive into the flavourful side of just the ribs. Drooling yet? Check out our picks for seven of the best places for ribs in St. Louis.

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1. Pappy’s Smokehouse

The Food Network once stated that Pappy’s Smokehouse is home to America’s best ribs. And, we’re not disputing that claim. Even though they’re located in the heart of St. Louis, these Memphis-style ribs are the best in the city. They’re dry-rubbed and then slow-smoked over both apple and cherry wood. The result? Ribs so tantalising that you’ll have to taste them for yourself just to see.

Best Ribs in St. Louis 2020

2. Bogart’s Smokehouse

Similar to Pappy’s, the ribs at Bogart’s Smokehouse are dry-rubbed and slow-smoked over apple and cherry woods. However, their sauces and rubs are truly show-stealers. Dig into some ribs and then order some sauces to take home with you; you’ll be craving the flavour we promise. Just know that there’s nothing like the real thing. So, you’ll be lined up out the door pretty soon just to get more of their smoky, savoury meats.

St. Louis Ribs

3. Roper’s Ribs

Not into Memphis-style ribs and craving something super local? Roper’s Ribs is your go-to spot for the best ribs in St. Louis that are actually, well, St. Louis style. They hand rub them with a special blend of sauces first. Then, they smoke them slowly for 12 hours with some hickory wood to give them that extra flavourful taste. Order the regular ribs but also make room for the rib tips.

4. The Shaved Duck

Locals love The Shaved Duck for all the different kinds of craft beers they have available to pair with the mouthwatering BBQ. And, it’s true, the entire menu here is filled with lots of Southern delights. However, their ribs are the real showstoppers. The Heritage Duroc ribs are smoked with cherry and hickory wood to create a tantalising sweet and smoky flavour.

5. Salt + Smoke

We meant it when we said that the best ribs in St. Louis varied greatly in style. Salt + Smoke is home to Texas-style BBQ served with a side of bourbon, artisan cocktails & craft beer. And, while most of their menu might be Texas in style, their ribs are totally St. Louis. Expect an explosion of flavour upon taking the first bite. They’re delightfully rich and tender.

Best Ribs in St. Louis

6. Spare No Rib

Spare No Rib is a cosy little spot that’s actually perfect for a date night if you’re travelling through St. Louis. The ambience is relaxing and laidback, setting the stage for a perfect evening filled with some of the best BBQ in the city. They’ve only got one rib plate on the menu, so it’s makes ordering easy. Order a half rack or a full one; we suggest the full as there’s no way you’re not going to want more.

7. Bootleggin’ BBQ Tavern

Aside from serving up some juicy, deliciously messy BBQ dishes, this local tavern is actually quite a great spot to spend the evening. You’ll be able to meet some locals, share a drink, and dig into their ribs, which they rub and smoke Kansas City-style. Still feeling hungry? Definitely order these slow-smoked pork rib tips.

BBQ Rib Tips in St. Louis

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