Best NYC Day Trips

7 Of The Best Day Trips From New York City

New York City is on many a travel bucket list, but after a few days in the Big Apple, it’s nice to escape for a change of scenery. The city is in an ideal location for visiting other cities on the East Coast – get an early flight and spend the day exploring. Visit these best day trips from New York City.

You’ll find completely different cultures within easy reach.

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1. Boston

Just a short train ride north, Boston is an incredibly liveable city with its very own culture and impressive history. Walk the Freedom Trail, eat a lobster roll and spend some time in the Italian quarter. The easily accessible city is relaxed yet bustling and full of life making it a fun change of pace.

Best day trips from NYC

2. Philadelphia

The picturesque cobblestone streets of Philadelphia are a wonderful way too while away a few hours alone. The Liberty Bell and many other historic sites are also worth seeing while there. Be sure to walk through the historic market for a bite to eat.

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3. Syracuse

Northwest of the city, Syracuse is a beautiful college town with a lively community. Fall is a lovely time to visit to see the brightly coloured trees, which almost appear to be on fire due to their vibrancy. Walk in the footsteps of famed abolitionists, and learn about Syracuse historical roll. 

Best Day Trips from New York City

4. Chicago

A short flight away, Chicago is another major city worth visiting. Of course locals believe it’s the greatest city in the world, and perhaps they aren’t wrong. The manageable city has everything from good public transportation and art to a river and a great food scene. Spend some time wander the many museums.

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5. Hartford

Hartford might not come to mind, but the sleepy capital of Connecticut is also home to the former home of Mark Twain. The historic home has just as much character as his books, and a tour is a must-do. After seeing the home, explore the restaurants and shopping.

6. Madison

The college city is greatly beloved with good reason. The active community, great food and drink scene and art initiatives make this a colourful and vibrant city. Spend a few days immersing yourself into the local culture and see why they love it oh-so-much.

7. Burlington

If famously delicious ice cream isn’t reason enough to bring you to this city, then many the incredible fall foliage is. This artsy university town is just the launching point for many outdoor adventure sports. Go cycling, skiing, snowboarding or even rock climbing just outside of the city.

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