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7 Unmissable Things To Do In Oakland

Like any big American city, you can be sure that there will be lots of fun and excellent things to do in Oakland. As one of the bigger cities in California, you’ll find somewhere interesting to go and fascinating things to see in this city.

Here are the seven best things to do in Oakland.

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1. Ride a Gondola on Lake Merritt

You won’t have to travel all the way to Venice, Italy to ride one of those infamous gondolas. You can do it here in Oakland on Lake Merritt. On this lake, you can also rent canoes, rowboats, and sailboats if riding on a gondola isn’t your thing.

If you are here with your significant other, why not take a romantic ride on Lake Merritt?

Gondola Ride on Lake Merritt

2. Oakland City Hall

Oakland’s City Hall is one of the best architectural structures in the city. It has a three-tier structure and its top tier, 12 floors above the ground, is actually a jail that has 32 cells! Imagine trying to break out of this jail!

Come check out Oakland City Hall for its nice design and stick around the area after for one of many concerts that takes place outside on the plaza.

Oakland City Hall

3. Cathedral of Christ the Light

If the architecture of City Hall impresses you, then you’ll have to visit the Cathedral of Christ the Light. This structure has received widespread acclaim for being an architectural dream structure. Its contemporary design for a church is one thing that stands out but its high ceilings are just as spectacular.

Step inside this church and marvel at the world-class design of this structure.

Cathedral of Christ the Light Oakland

4. Oakland Zoo

The Oakland Zoo is actually a smaller-size zoo but one that is known for its modern animal housing facilities. While there are over 600 different animals from around the world at this zoo, the elephant exhibit is by far the best thing to see here.

For a great retreat from the daily hustle and bustle of Oakland, come and spend a relaxing day with some animals at this zoo.

Oakland Zoo

5. Jack London Square

Jack London Square is Oakland’s premier entertainment and business district with many different hotels, restaurants, bars, and stores around. There’s always something going on at the square and on Sundays, there is a farmer’s market and on Friday’s, the atmosphere is bumping thanks to the lively crowd that hangs around here.

Stop by Jack London Square and take in the sights and sounds here in this eclectic city square.

Jack London Square Oakland

6. Oakland Museum of California

Specialising in the natural science, history, and art of the bay area, the Oakland Museum of California brings the story of California to life through this museum. With over two million objects and artefacts on display, the history of the state of California is on full display for anyone who wants to learn more.

Best time to go is on the first Sunday of the month when families get free admission.

Oakland Museum of California

7. Chabot Space and Science Center

The Chabot Space and Science Center is an amazing place to learn about the universe and astronomy in general. It is a very immersive and fun experience for everything and there are lots of dynamic activities to help you learn more about space.

Fans of astronomy will love the free-ranging fun you can have at the Chabot Space and Science Center!

Chabot Space and Science Center

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