T-Rex Mural Oakland

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Oakland

Often playing second fiddle to neighbouring San Francisco, you might be surprised to find out that Oakland is actually an amazing city to visit. It is just a short drive away from San Francisco and while you’re here, you’ll be blown away by the many Instagrammable places in Oakland.

Check out the seven Insta-worthy places in Oakland.

The most Instagrammable spots in OaklandHow do these rankings work?

1. T-Rex Mural

World-reknown Austrian urban artist, Nychos, did this stunningly amazing mural of a Tyrannosaurus rex and painted it entirely with just spray paint! It’s great to see a picture of it but in person, you’ll be left speechless by how large this mural is.

This jaw-dropping mural shows the anatomy of the T-Rex and is definitely worthy of a few snaps for your ‘Gram.

T-Rex Mural Oakland

2. Watermelon Rock

Watermelon Rock is a piece of work that has caught the imagination of locals for 40 years. This piece of rock is painted as a watermelon and over the years it has been painted over black only for it be re-painted as a watermelon.

Needless to say, this charming piece of watermelon is on the way to the airport so be sure to stop by here before you leave Oakland!

Watermelon Rock Oakland

3. Temescal Alley

Temescal Alley is one of Oakland’s most charming roads full of character and colour! At each of these indie stores, you’ll find a different colour doorway that each beckon you to step inside the store.

Go up and down Temescal Alley and ‘Gram all the different coloured doorways on this lovely street.

Temescal Alley

4. Mazzariello Labryinth (Maze)

A short drive outside of Oakland is the Mazzariello Labryinth or Maze. It’s been around for almost 30 years and measures out to be roughly 50 feet wide.

It is a mesmerising sight to behold and is one of the top Insta-worthy places in Oakland.

Mazzariello Labryinthe Maze

5. Bay Bridge Troll

The Bay Bridge Troll was secured to a secret girder under the bridge by engineers who were repairing the damage to the bridge from an earthquake. Today, this 18-inch troll acts as a symbolic figure that is protecting the bridge and the people who cross it.

Unfortunately this troll is no longer under the same bridge and the city have made plans to find it a permanent home, with Gateway Park being the destination.

Bay Bridge Troll

6. World’s Smallest Park

Did you know that the world’s smallest park is in Oakland? This hilarious “park,” is really just a miniature plot of land that is one foot by one foot.

The World’s Smallest Park is a novel thing to capture for your ‘Gram that will definitely entertain your followers!

World's Smallest Park Oakland

7. The Fox Theater

One of the more historic places in Oakland is still going strong in the Fox Theater. Built in 1928, this venue attracts many contemporary artists and it’s inside where you’ll want to take your photos. This theater’s decor is amazingly funky with the highlight definitely being the two monster-like creatures on both ends of the stage.

You’ll need to hit up this majestic and vintage theater for some Insta-worthy shots for your ‘Gram.

Fox Theater Oakland

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