Schlossplatz Stuttgart

7 Unmissable Things To Do In Stuttgart

Stuttgart is one of the more fascinating cities in Germany, thanks to its historic charm and its reputation as a blue-collar, manufacturing town. In this hard-working town, you can be sure that you will be treated to some amazing things to do in Stuttgart.

Check out the seven best things to do in Stuttgart.

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1. Solitude Palace

With classic Neoclassiccal architectural design, Solitude Palace is one of the premier historical structures in Stuttgart. You have to head inside to witness the amazing frescoes way up on its ceiling to really get a sense of this building’s exterior and interior beauty.

If you’re a fan of Neoclassical design and intricate details, check out this peaceful palace.

Solitude Palace Stuttgart

2. Schlossplatz

Schlossplatz is the main public square in Stuttgart and is the heartbeat of the city. Once you’re in the middle of this square, there really is a lot to take in all around you. Getting anywhere from the square is also very easy as it is the main square of the city.

You get a sense of the vibrancy of Stuttgart, come and embrace the atmosphere at Schlossplatz.

Schlossplatz Stuttgart

3. Mercedes Benz Museum

Car and Mercedes Benz enthusiasts will definitely want to make this Museum a point to visit. The Mercedes Benz Museum pays homage to the Mercedes of old and new and takes you through a journey of how this company began.

You’ll be enamoured with the more than 160 Mercedes Benz vehicles on display at this museum.

Mercedes Benz Museum

4. Markthalle

You can’t come to Stuttgart and not come to its own Markthalle. This city’s central market features all of the exotic specialty foods that Stuttgart has to offer. There’s lots to see here and of course, lots of food to eat!

Try some of Stuttgart’s best meat, cheese, and wines at this Markthalle.

Markthalle Stuttgart

5. Württemberg Mausoleum

The Württemberg Mausoleum is the final resting place of King William I, his wife, Catherine Pavlovna, and their daughter, Marie Friederike Charlotte von Württemberg.

It is a popular attraction for the structure’s natural beauty and the beautiful views of Stuttgart from here.

Württemberg Mausoleum

6. Kunstmuseum

The Kuntsmuseum dates back to 1924 and is a major landmark in the Stuttgart main square, Sclossplatz. At this museum, you will find countless works of art by notable German and Swiss artists.

Swing by here at night and witness the inside of the building which becomes illuminated bearing sight of its limestone walls behind the glass.

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

7. World’s First Television Tower

Laying claim to being the world’s first television tower, Fernsehturm Stuttgart stands 217 metres tall. Dating back to the 1950s, this tower is one of Stuttgart’s proudest landmarks and is the highest point of the city.

You’ll have to make your way inside and up to the observation deck to see some fantastic views of Stuttgart below and around you.

Fernsehturm Television Tower Stuttgart

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