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7 Of The Best Bars In Stuttgart

Stuttgart is known as one of Germany’s biggest manufacturing towns, which means many of their workers pull in long hours. Many of them like to hit up a bar or two after work and with so many great bars in Stuttgart, who could blame them?

From cocktail bars to local beer joints, this is one city that has all types of boozehounds well looked after.

Here are the seven best bars in Stuttgart.

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1. Chaplin’s Bar

Definitely one of the cooler looking bars in Germany, Chaplin’s is known for fantastic cocktails and even better atmosphere. The bar-going experience here is a truly magical one.

Kindly tell the friendly bartender here what your favourite liquor is and watch them whip up a sublime cocktail for you.

2. Die Bar

Translated in English to “The Bar,” Die Bar in Stuttgart has a very elegant atmosphere and an extensive list of great cocktails. With light jazz music playing in the background, this bar is the perfect place to come to unwind after a long day.

With plenty of whiskey cocktail options here, take your pick with any of them.

Die Bar Stuttgart

3. Caffe-Bar

Caffe-Bar is what the name suggests: a place for a coffee and a cocktail. Even though it pulls double-duty, the cocktails here are absolutely fantastic so don’t let the fact that they serve coffees here too throw you off.

The vibes here are super friendly and is the best place to come to for a coffee in the morning and a cocktail in the evening!


4. Mata Hari

For one of the more lively bars in Stuttgart, come to Mata Hari. This bar features a wide variety of delicious beers while the crowd is here definitely eclectic as you’ll see loud groups of people, people reading books, and a DJ spinning some tunes too.

Come to Mata Hari for some great beers and an interesting crowd.

Mata Hari Stuttgart

5. Biddy Early’s Irish Pub

The influence of Irish drinking culture extends all the way to Stuttgart with Biddy Early’s Irish Pub. They serve up all the classic Irish hits here including pints of Guinness, Bailey’s, and often a loud and boisterous atmosphere.

There’s always lots going on here whether it’s karaoke and even the odd poker game at this pub.

Biddy Early's Irish Pub

6. Ackermanns

For over 20 years, Ackermanns has been serving up the best whiskey cocktails in Stuttgart. While it also serves other cocktails as well, they are especially known for their whiskey and attract a wide variety of audiences here, including many sports fans.

What better way to enjoy the local football match than with a few Old Fashioned cocktails with your mates?

Ackermanns Stuttgart

7. Weinstube Zur Kiste

For the best wine bar in Stuttgart, the locals will often tell you to go to Weinstrube Zur Kiste. Here, they have plenty of great wines from Germany but you can also try others from around Europe too.

Sip on some excellent European wines in this rustic and vintage-looking bar in Stuttgart.

Weinstrube Zur Kiste

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