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Is This The Most Instagrammable Street In The U.S?

The most photographed street in Boston? Acorn Street very well could be the most Instagrammed street in America. The Boston Globe recently published a story revealing that residents on the street are getting pretty fed up with aspiring influencers turning their front doors into a photoshoot location.

Acorn Street is a Popular Instagram Hotspot…

With over 20,000 hashtags on Instagram and countless geotags, residents say hundreds of people visit the street every day to snap photos. We can see why it’s so popular…

The pretty street is like stepping back in time. The street is in Beacon Hill, where you will discover elegant town houses, narrow brick streets with working gas lamps, local boutiques, and popular restaurants.

Image: @hsiangyawang

In the 19th century, the houses facing Acorn Street housed artisans and workers at the fancier surrounding addresses but those addresses now claim one of the most iconic views in the City.

So, What’s the Issue with Taking Photographs at Acorn Street?

According to the Acorn Street Association (led by a group of residents), “Tourists are welcome to click a quick picture at the top or bottom of the Street but access is limited and the privacy of the owners needs to be respected.”

The website also says that there is a charge for professional photographers to use the street for a shoot. Signs are posted on the street echoing this, but they often get ignored. The group also reminds visitors to “please remember that people live here.” We feel their pain… Living on such a beautiful street might lose its charm if it attracts swarms of tourists every day.

So, if you plan to stop by Acorn Street to get some Boston Instagram shots, be considerate. There are lots of locals on the street who are happy to chat about its history. Our advice? Just point that selfie stick somewhere else…

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