The 7 Best Boston Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Boston

Not only is Boston one of the great American cities, it also has one of the most bustling, diverse and exciting foodie scenes going. Boston pizza is among the best you’ll find in America so we wanted to share where to find the very best pies.

If pizza is your thing (and really, who doesn’t like pizza?!) then grab a buddy and start working your way through this list. Apologies in advance if the pictures are going to make you seriously hungry…

1. Regina Pizzeria

You can’t really get more love locally than being “the official pizza of the Boston Red Sox”. That’s some serious Boston credentials right there.

Add in the fact that they have been voted one of the 10 best pizzas in America and this place ticks all the boxes. A pizza and a beer here is just one of those classic Boston moments that you will never forget.

Boston pizza

2. Posto

Posto has a full menu with antipasti, insalate, handmade pasta, grilled meats and fish. But you come here for one reason and that is to have their incredible Neapolitan wood-fired pizza.

You can smell the oven as soon as you walk in the door which makes your choice very easy. Their pies are absolutely delicious and come served piping hot just out of the oven.

Posto in Boston

3. Santarpio’s Pizza

They have a huge selection of their own pizzas including some seriously special pies featuring BBQ meats.

The beauty though is that many people choose to make their own from scratch to their own taste. One of these to share with some friends and a few beers thrown in? You’ll be seriously happy customers leaving Santarpio’s.

Santarpio's Pizza

4. Pastoral ARTisan Pizza

This place has a seriously inventive menu with some of the best cooking in the city and a wine list to match.

While it’s hard to look past their meat and pasta dishes having a pizza here is an absolute must. Resist the urge for overloading with toppings because their classic just doesn’t need them.

You’ll never look at another pizza the same after tasting one of these.

Pastoral ARTisan Pizza in Boston

5. Real Italian Gusto

Stepping into this restaurant is like leaving the streets of Boston and instantly being teleported to Italy. Their cocktails and wines are super authentic as is the rest of menu featuring great home made pasta and succulent meat dishes.

The pizza is king here though with wonderful big spongey crusts, a deep rich tomato sauce and cheese that is to die for.

Real Italian Gusto in Boston

6. Sal’s Pizza

They prepare their dough every single day on site to ensure that perfect fresh and crispy crust.

They’ve been family owned and operated since 1990 which means that after 30 years in business they still have so many customers¬† – it tells you all you need to know about the pies.

Sal's Pizza

7. Locale

They import many of their ingredients from Italy (tomatoes and meats especially) and it all adds to the wonderfully authentic experience.

Their pies are cooked in less than two minutes in their wood-fired oven; as soon as you see it popped down in front of you at the table you will know you’ve made the right choice.


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