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7 Reasons To Do A Bar Tour In Adelaide

Never again say that “there’s nothing to do in Adelaide.” South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital is bursting with culture and a buzzing food and drink scene.

Adelaide’s booming bar scene is packed with fantastic small bars; you’ll find some of its coolest spots in basements, behind secret doors and down unmarked alleyways. But, we hear you say, how will you find them if they’re so hidden? This is where Adelaide Bar Boys come in.

Their tours showcase some of the best South Australian and Australian beverages, whilst revealing some of Adelaide’s best hidden bars. Adelaide Bar Boys, AKA Branden and Nathan, will show you all the coolest secrets of this city when it comes to what to drink and where to drink it.

Curious? Here’s seven reasons why you should consider doing an Adelaide Bar Boys tour…

1. You’ll visit bars you never would have found otherwise

One of the three tours you can do with Adelaide Bar Boys is a Hidden Bar Tour. Six mystery bars will be revealed throughout the evening, including some that are so exclusive only Adelaide Bar Boys have access to them. Think fireplaces swinging to one side to reveal a door, and underground speakeasy-style locations.

Over the course of 4.5 hours, you’ll discover delicious cocktails and some of the city’s slickest spots to have a drink in.

Adelaide Bar Boys

2. Gin lovers are well looked after…

On the gin wagon? This one’s for you – a walking tour of Adelaide’s six best gin bars.

Adelaide Bar Boys Gin Tour includes multiple gin tasting flights, gin based cocktails with the choice of garnish and splashes of tonic or soda. All in all, you’ll get to taste 11 different gins – divine.

Adelaide Bar Boys Gin Tour

3. …And so are whiskey fanatics

This beaut night of Adelaide’s best whiskey bars includes multiple whiskey tasting flights and whiskey based cocktails, with the choice of neat or on the rocks for those who are opposed to a cocktail (we know you’re out there!) You’ll get to swig 11 different whiskeys, from Australian to American and back ’round the world again.

Adelaide's best whiskey bars

4. The cocktails are complemented with delicious nibbles

The Boys won’t have you going hungry, that’s for sure. You’ll get to feast on South Australia’s freshest produce in the form of tapas served throughout the evening, with charcuterie and cheese boards, artisan pizzas and garlicky snails all included in the price of the tour – as well as are all the drinks, of course.


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5. It’s more like a night out with friends than a rigid tour

This isn’t some strict, paint-by-numbers bar crawl – this is a tour that focuses on good vibes in fantastic bars. The Boys provide an authentic local’s perspective on Adelaide, and will ensure that spirits are high as you and your new-found tour buddies make your way around the bars.


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6. You’ll get to try some truly sensational cocktails

In all three tours (the Hidden Bar Tour, Whiskey Tour and Gin Tour), you’ll taste signature cocktails – a total of six on the Hidden Bar Tour. Some recipes are made by the expert mixologists especially for the Adelaide Bar Boys so you know you’re trying something really special.

Signature cocktails of Adelaide Bar Boys

7. And you can even get The Boys to arrange a private tour

Crazy about a particular type of beverage or looking for a certain style of bar? The Adelaide Bar Boys are more than happy to arrange a private custom tour that includes all of your favourite elements of a night out. Whether you’re planning an extra memorable date night or just want to try new bars with the gals, this is an evening you won’t forget.

Well. Depending on how much gin you sample, that is…

Adelaide Bar Boys

Want to see more about Adelaide Bar Boys? You can see more info on their tours here and book directly here.

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